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    Howdy all. Afro here.
    Into 60th day of flowering, buds galore. started to flush four days ago. and have noticed on one plant a brown area. so after investigating, it looks like bud rot. Luckily only on this area.
    My question is. Will it spread to other areas?
    what can you do about it?
    I pulled the rotten bud off and thought I would smoke it. Seems okay, but I hope it's much better after drying and curing.
    I am pretty close, I think a week or two left. What do you think?
    Thanks from Afro the clown

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    joekikass Well-Known Member

    humidity may be bit high , get rid of any dead leave nd keep a fan blowing on it and it will be sweet

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    sweet grow nice buds keep up the good work

    Celestial Well-Known Member

    Afro I am no expert on growing so can't offer any advice about your problem other than to suggest creating more airflow and remedying overly moist or humid conditions as a warm area with stagnant air is the ideal breeding ground for mould and fungus and I would also isolate that plant from others as spores are airborne and can easily infect other plants.

    More importantly however, I would STRONGLY advise you to avoid smoking any more of the rotted bud as depending on the strain of mould/fungus, this could be very unhealthy/dangerous and leave you with lasting lung damage. Please read this thread:


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