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bud rot?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Endur0xX, Feb 7, 2013.


    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    I wonder if I am getting parano or if I am seeing the beginning of bud rot. I found a brown stem in the middle of one of my big bud, like bud rot was starting. It went in the garbage but anyway now I am going through my jars and I think some of the buds were starting to get it or maybe stems simply turn brown when drying...

    Anyway, some of them the stems were still a nice green but when I would crack it open it felt slightly mushy. I am not sure what to think, can you please look at the pics and tell me if you see any sign of potentially bud rotted buds, I will try and take better pics of different nugs.

    IMG_7326.JPG IMG_7326-2.JPG IMG_7327.JPG IMG_7327-2.JPG IMG_7328.JPG IMG_7328-2.JPG IMG_7335.JPG IMG_7335-2.JPG

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    I guess they look a little better on the pics. I hate the doubts but I dont wanna trash buds that are perfectly fine. Please tell me if anything remind you of a hint of budrot starting and if you would consume the buds without a doubt. thanks

    recently dried

    IMG_7336.JPG IMG_7338.JPG

    dried for a long time
    IMG_7340.JPG IMG_7342.JPG

    not dry yet (this is a nugget from the massive bud in which I could see it starting.)
    IMG_7345.JPG IMG_7345-2.JPG IMG_7346.JPG

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    Is this simply the look of a fresh bud that has been manipulated too much or it does look like the start of botrytis ?
    IMG_7358.JPG IMG_7363.JPG IMG_7364.JPG IMG_7366.JPG IMG_7367.JPG

    this is a bud from the previous set of pics in previous posts, all the stems look ok but as you can see on the picture, not sure that I trust this colour on the bud?
    IMG_7351.JPG IMG_7355.JPG

    What a nightmare. help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kevdogg5555 Well-Known Member

    yes that looks to be the start of botrytis... I had that on my outdoor last season... The discoloration, browning are definitely the tell tale signs of mold
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    Comacus Member

    I agree. The light colored "mushy" areas look to be bud rot. Most people recommend not smoking it. It is a mold after all. You might be able to cut out the bad areas, and salvage the parts without the rot. A personal choice I suppose.

    Some recommend baking or making hash with it but my personal opinion is I would not use the rotted portion for anything being consumed.

    I had some to in a very dense bud that I allowed to mature for an extended period
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    Budologist420 Well-Known Member

    Definetly looks like bud rot. I would throw away any of the buds that have any rot.

    Did the rot happen while the plant was still growing, or while it was drying? Seems to me it happened during the drying/curing stage.

    Your humidity could be too high in the drying area, maybe the buds took too long to dry out and started to mold, or you put them in a sealed container before all the moisture was evaporated from the buds.
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    HeartlandHank Well-Known Member

    Yeah, those matted down pistils sitting on top of pale almost white calyx looks like bot to me.

    I would treat it like bread or cheese... pick out the bad parts, consume the good parts sooner rather than later.
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    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    thanks for the inputs everyone,

    I think it happened during drying ... my drying room is VERY dry, my buds usually dry too quickly. So to counter this problem I use grocery paper bags to redistribute the moisture only 2 days after harvesting.

    I have had issues with big colas before harvest... So I know knew what bud rot was and I wanted to dry the recently harvested colas ASAP inside out. So I thought redistributing moisture early on was a good idea. As far as I can remember those massive colas looked great when I harvested them.

    I believe they were in the bag for 24 hours at the most, most likely 12 hours. Would this be enough to get bud rot started?

    here they are again ... the smoke is total fire too :(

    nuken x ww

    Agent Chemo
    IMG_7038.JPG IMG_7040.JPG

    I am trying not to grow big colas anymore, next time I will break them apart right away ,... I find it loses bag appeal but it's better than losing to bud rot.

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    Bud rot like you describe would not have started during your curing process. Breaking apart during curing would not have eliminated the rot. IMHO, rot took hold while the plants were still growing . I think back to smoking Columbian that had gotten wet, had dirt, rocks and sticks in it. I survived, but I was much younger and more foolish. Ethically, should you choose to pass this along to others, make sure your frinds know of the presence of mold. Patients with compromised immune systems are especially suseptible to mold propagation in the lungs. Check out a google search on Aspergillis, a lung mold that takes over the entire lung if left unchecked. While Aspergillis is in the air we breathe -- it is deadly for those with low immune systems, like folks on chemotherapy. These days I would not consume (eat, smoke, drink) any form of cannabis with mold -- even the parts that looked unaffected. I speak from experience, as I had a relative with cancer of the stomach, but passed away due to pneumonia brought on by Aspergillis.

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    most of them went in the garbage right away, anything that I had any doubts had been drying since and half of it went in the garbage this morning, I am toking on the other half... I wonder if I started wasting good buds but I played it safe. I don't want to smoke mold. Lesson learned ... I don't like massive buds anyway I will focus on growing the right genetics and growing them for high yield of medium sized nugs.

    drolove Well-Known Member

    yup deff a very minor case of botrytis. lost a good oz to it outdoors last year...

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