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bud burn?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by cannabillion7, Jul 7, 2008.


    cannabillion7 Well-Known Member

    how can i tell the difference between my buds getting light burn or maturing and getting orange amber hairs?

    mikers1234567 Active Member

    What type of weed is it and can u describe them and provide pics because then u might be able to get more help:hump:

    justsmoking Active Member

    I have the same question. As it looks like probly a third of or even less of the buds on the plant have orange/red/brown hairs or mabey there burnt. Not Sure because not all of them are that way. I'm talking about the buds on one plant. Is that what your seeing?

    hbuddy72 Active Member

    I have the same question too its just the tip of the hairs it seem at this moment but ime only 3 weeks in flowering, i sprayed some scorpian juice at 2/3 the dose maybe its that dont know..??

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    lol, he said light burn. this is an easy one, if the bud leaves(especially the tips) are dry/crispy/wilting its from heat. the hairs change as the flowers mature, all the turning orange means is the oldest/older pistils are dying naturally, the hair color is really irrelevent in truth though, you should judge your plants flowering development and maturity and when to harvest from the trichomes, not the pistils.
    The Good Doctor

    The Good Doctor Active Member

    Nutes especially if sprayed from a foliar( even at low doses) can show up in the so-called hairs/trychs. Usually this would be light over exposure, if it is not plant maturation, but at 3 weeks, I would agree it is a bit early to see amber hairs all over the plant. Heat, heavy amounts of potassium or chitosites, a foliar spray that is heavy in potasium or extreme air movement(wind burn) could all cause this.

    Most likely though, if you are past 6 weeks in the flowering stage, it is just maturation of the plant.

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