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Bubblenut's Perpetual Auto Tent

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Scott ford, Sep 5, 2017.

    Scott ford

    Scott ford Member

    My little 4 x 2 x 4 tent with its 600watt hps will now be going perpetually. Will be a mix of hand fed coco pots, autopots and micro hydroponics.
    Lets start today with the 3 x Red Poison Autos and the lonely Ripleys Og
    Ripleys OG is 50 days old today and the RP's are 9 days behind...

    Mephisto R OG
    Sweet Seeds Red Poison


    In a few days I will germ another 5 seeds to chuck in. Also have 2 Mephist Blue Cush (purple pheno) @ 7days old in now. Looking at continual staggered harvests!

    Dabbinblunted Well-Known Member

    Looking good

    FarmerHatBeard Well-Known Member

    Awesome dude! I've had a perpetual Auto grow going since 2014!
    It's so nice harvesting a new strain every couple weeks :)
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    Scott ford

    Scott ford Member

    Hey Farmer Hat Beard! Its been a while mate! You wont remember me but i was here under another alias till i picked a fight with a mod.... He didnt like me! lol

    Hey Dabbin, Thanks man and its good to see your still here too!
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