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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ryanstout87, Dec 19, 2006.

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    ryanstout87 Active Member

    does anyone know anything about the bubble gum strain and teh sunkist strain i would be intrested in learning about these two because i have recently taken in two clones of these

    south_side_smoker Active Member

    I grew a bubblegum from seed and after it is about a month old, you can chew the leaves and they taste like bitter bazooka gum followed by a numb sensation. Growing isnt too much different from other strains. The plant i grew turned out to be male and all i got were some leaves but it wasnt weak, either. one bowl and i was good hehe.

    south_side_smoker Active Member

    On the bubblegum, and probably with other strains, DONT eat the leaves raw. Experience says that it isnt worth it.

    zgarstka Active Member

    It is a Girl!! This pic is about 55 days from sprout..this indica is easy to grow, bushy, and strong. My plant is about 3.5 ft. tall at day 60 and is growing very healthy buds and is starting to bust out with crystals now too!! Oh, yeah it has smelled like bubble gum since the beginning. Although I have Romulan and Cali BigBud growing also, this is definately the sweetest smelling and stickiest on the stems and leaves of the three varieties.

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    tetrahydrocannabinol Well-Known Member

    Bubblegum is one of the stinkiest straisn ive ever grown. One time i have a fungus gnat problem and all of them went on the Bugglegum because they know its sweet and smelly

    green_nobody Well-Known Member

    3.5ft tall by the start of flowering, this thing will go damn tall on you! what ligths did you use and how long did you leave it on veg?

    sandmonkey Well-Known Member

    I'm quite happy growin' my Bubblegum. mind you I started from clone, but this is a very resinous and resistant pheno. So far a lot easier than my NLX.

    Check out my grow journal in my sig. Here's a teaser pic :bigjoint:

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