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Bubblegum Flowering Time????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bubblegumgreen, Sep 13, 2008.


    bubblegumgreen Well-Known Member

    Ok so I'm back to growing after a few years off and I have a new strand compared to before.. It bubblegum clones that I got from a friend of a friend.

    Any of you growing Bubblegum right now? How long are you flowering for? I know how to chek the flowers but just wanted some input on how long this strain typically takes to flower?

    bubblegumgreen Well-Known Member

    anyone out there growing or have grown bubblegum in the past??

    Tanman402 Well-Known Member

    i just started germinating 4 bubblegum seeds. i have heard its a 8 to 9 week flowering strain.

    supdro Well-Known Member

    I originally got my seeds from nirvana. I have some clones in right now and I would say 8 weeks flower. At the beginning of 7 the crystals are cloudy to amber. good time to chop.

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