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Bubble Hash Machines

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by kcobr, Sep 11, 2011.


    kcobr Member

    Anyone out there buy, or try the new bubble hash machine? Am trying to figure out if worth the cost, and how the yield is. Right now, and am not sure why its hit, and miss for me in 5 gallon buckets. Sometimes I have gotton up to 17 grams, others am lucky to get five, its very inconsistent. I've seen video on them on UTUBE, but would like to know if anyone has personal experience w/them. Thanks Much!!!

    kcobr Member

    Has anyone out there bought, or used new bubble hash machines? My yield is so inconsistent w/five bags in 5 gallon bucket, am trying to figure out if machines are the way to go, only 90 bucks on e-bay. Thanks for your help!
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    go butane bra.
    everyone that tries it says its the best hash they've ever had.

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    we stopped doing water extraction in favor of the dry ice method. water hash takes hours to process and it's a messy process. using just a 220micron 5gal bag and a couple lbs of dry ice yielded the same amount and it literally took 1/2 an hour from start to finish. finished product is @ 95% keif with a miniscule amount of green tint. look up dry ice hash on youtube and you'll find many examples of how to do it.
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