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Bubble Extraction Bags by ProBags.. Reviews?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by MMJSpots, Feb 16, 2012.


    MMJSpots Member

    Hey guys I have bought a few ebay bags before and they were pretty crappy but kind of did the job. Problem is they would spring a leak now and then which of course would cause me to lose hash.

    I just bought a 5 bag set or 5 gallon set from these guys and am waiting to get them in. Thoughts from people who actually own these!! ;-)

    I dont see the point in a one gallon bubble bag set but oh well. http://probags.co/products/probags-extraction-bags

    CollieMan1 Member

    never used them..but ive done a lot of research..just got new bags myself....probags are suposed to be the bees knees with a discount.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    I am testing probags right now.

    My 2cents are: Probags suck balls. The micron ratings are not true.

    hit up "buddha" at www.extractionking.com for the best deals on hash gear.

    Fazer1rlg Active Member

    In the other thread you recommended the probags. The ice wax. Are the bubble bags the best on the market?

    Azweepei Active Member

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