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Bubble Extraction Bags by ProBags.. Reviews?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by MMJSpots, Feb 16, 2012.


    MMJSpots Member

    Hey guys I have bought a few ebay bags before and they were pretty crappy but kind of did the job. Problem is they would spring a leak now and then which of course would cause me to lose hash.

    I just bought a 5 bag set or 5 gallon set from these guys and am waiting to get them in. Thoughts from people who actually own these!! ;-)

    I dont see the point in a one gallon bubble bag set but oh well. http://probags.co/products/probags-extraction-bags

    CollieMan1 Member

    never used them..but ive done a lot of research..just got new bags myself....probags are suposed to be the bees knees with a discount.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    I am testing probags right now.

    My 2cents are: Probags suck balls. The micron ratings are not true.

    hit up "buddha" at www.extractionking.com for the best deals on hash gear.

    Fazer1rlg Active Member

    In the other thread you recommended the probags. The ice wax. Are the bubble bags the best on the market?

    Azweepei Well-Known Member


    AWayOfLife420 Member


    Aug 3rd, 2015. I purchased a 8 bag probag set from David Wilson at Probags. When I first received my bags I noticed my 160 micron bag was different from the rest. He sent me a used lower line BUBBLEBAGDUDE 160 micron bag (cracks and lines all over it and super stiff). I emailed him telling him contaminate was getting into my 73u bag and that my 160u bag was the wrong one. He completely refused to help me and said in all his years of operation he has NEVER made an error/mistake. I had to exchange 3 emails with pictures attached for him to finally admit he sent me the wrong 160u bag. He has yet even apologized for sending me the wrong/defective item and is now refusing to even send a new 160u bag to me because I got frustrated with his terrible customer service. He didn't like me giving him my 2 cents on how I felt about how he was handling his business and customers. The probags do not even fit properly on a 5 gallon bucket and you cant even scoop out the hash without fighting with the bags. This guy is a complete tool bag and I will be filing a case with my lawyer if he doesn't take care of my problem. On the site it says FULL 1 YEAR WARRANTY, yet hes refusing to help me with a purchase I made on Aug 3rd 2015. Thats barely 3 months and hes giving me this much of a hard time.

    Look below at my 160u bag and the condition I received it in. Ridiculous! I'll be posting my emails with this tool bag a little later. Ill give him 1 more day to address this problem or he best believe he will be hearing from my lawyer. Basically holding property I paid for. Took my money and did not provide me with what I paid for. The green bag is an example of my other 7 of 8 bags. You can clearly see its mesh (still a crap product) not like this cheaper purple 160u bubblebagdude bag.

    I have told him I would pay for the shipping return of his bags and that he could test them out for himself. Since he is claiming "Your doing it wrong" even though I tried 2 batches with 2 different strains and yielded the same results. I also had an I-502 processing buddy that makes ice wax for a living try out the bags for me. He got the same result and believes there is damage to the mesh on one or more of the bags.

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    AWayOfLife420 Member

    Having a hellish time, trying to get a replacement set for a defective set that was sent to me. Where else should I post this problem MattRize? BTW your a legend in the game. Thanks for all that you do for the community.

    St1kybudz Well-Known Member

    What is thought of the all mesh bags I have a 1 gal set that was a gift and I have used the 5 gal with the funky plastic lined cloth witch always peaked after a couple runs

    ZaraBeth420 Well-Known Member

    My current set of cheap bags have served me well, but are worn out. They are "iPower GLBBAG5X8 5-Gallon 8-Bag Herbal Ice Bubble Bag Essense Extractor Kit".

    And since I like making hash every grow, I've decided to by the original (expensive) Bubble Bags for myself as a Christmas gift.
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