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Bubble Bag Owners?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by unknown1231, Dec 29, 2012.


    unknown1231 Well-Known Member

    After seeing a few youtube videos I'm contemplating buying a bubblebag set.

    I'm curious to which bags I'll need for the process. In a lot of online videos people are only using 3/4 bags and not necessarily all the bags that come with the set.

    Can anyone advise on which bags they use when making hash? If you could label them by color or screen size that would be greatly appreciated.
    match box

    match box Well-Known Member

    I use 220,160,120,75. You may want to buy a paint mixer. I use one in my drill. I think it works very well.

    unknown1231 Well-Known Member

    aren't you losing a lot of nice trichomes without the 45 and 25 bags? I've seen most use the 45 as their lowest bag and forgo the 25.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    In my experience, if you don't use at least one bag smaller than 73 you're tossing away quite a bit of good stuff.

    A 25 will catch a little bit more good stuff that falls through a 45, but not all that much, and it also takes forever and a day for the water to drain through a 25. Since yield is low and effort is high, lots of people don't bother with a 25. IMO, if you've already got a 25, want to capture every last possible bit of hash, and you're not in a rush, you might as well use it.

    In general, the first bag catches most of the leafy junk and other contaminants. Most use 220, but 190 could work fine for this too.

    After that, how many bags you use and which ones is up to you. Note that ultimately it doesn't much matter which ones you use, you'll end up catching the same stuff, just in different bags.

    In general, more bags = more grades, but also more time and work since you have to rinse each bag, spoon out the hash, dry/process the hash, and clean/dry the bags. Also since some small amount of hash will stick to bags, etc, the more bags, the less efficient the process, though in practice this isn't a factor unless you're processing fairly small amounts of material. The less stuff you're running, the less it pays to try and separate the hash into many different grades. You can also inspect what comes out of each bag with a loupe to get some sense of what you're getting and whether or not its worth it for your particular mix on the next run.

    As a fairly simple but efficient method, I suggest 220-160-73-45.

    You can substitute 190 for 220, and 145 or 120 for 160, depending on what you've got, and the trichrome head size associated with your particular strain(s).

    Depending on how much stuff you're processing, how much you're after the "full melt" type of hash, how badly you want to capture every last grain of kief vs. time/effort, and which bags you have handy, you can also alter the smallest bags, either substituting a 25 for the 45 or adding a 25 to 73 and 45. IMO 25 takes so long to drain its worth it to put a 45 in there first.

    If you just want "a" lump of hash, and don't care about full melt or grades, you could probably even do just 190-45 and be done with it, though you won't end up with a particularly high grade of hash, and it will take a while for the water to filter through the 45 with lots of stuff in there.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Buy the 5 bag set......you'll have plenty of options then.

    drolove Well-Known Member

    i did a little research and found that the around 75 microns is what you want for a good hash. around 45 micron will catch your broken trichs and still give you a pretty good hash. smallest you really need is around 25 microns. i literally JUST ordered these 1 gallon bags for a awesome price. has all the ones you need!


    unohu69 Well-Known Member

    same here, i got 5 bag set on ebay for like 56$. cant really beat that. the added bonus, use them to make dry ice hash. much easier than bubble.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    There is a set of bags, because all trichomes are not the same size and it allows you to fine tune.

    I use a 220 for a working bag and most often use a 160, 120, and a 74 to classify. Sometimes I add a 50, but most often turn everything that is rejected by the 120 and passes through the 74, into oil.

    I find it important to immediately turn the bag inside out and wash after use, because otherwise the holes reduce in size over time with fine debris.

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    The 90 is another great bag to hold in ones set .. As stated above it all boils down to the size of trichomes being extracted in the first place when choosing what bags to run .. In the beginning its best to run all bags and learn the ropes , then you can swing and do your own thing depending on the variables at hand within the starting material

    Azweepei Active Member

    geeze youse guys!!! cant you do even a little research? you are after all on the interwebs... sheesh! Why not just get all 8 and decide later which to leave out?

    3 more bux... 3 more bags :bigjoint:
    ^^^ these guys even carry a 32gal bag option :shock:

    unknown1231 Well-Known Member


    unknown1231 Well-Known Member

    How are the virtual sun bubble bags? durablity? Whats your experience?

    Azweepei Active Member

    i bought the 5 gal 8 bag set and love em! i have used them many times. not quite the 100 mark but getting there. super durable and like with anything you get, if you take care of them and clean them immediately after use, they should last a lifetime. when mine get a bit too dirty, i put em in the front load washer and use the delicate cycle and they come out looking brand new

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