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Bubba Kush and Trainwreck Smoke Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by purplekitty7772008, May 27, 2009.


    purplekitty7772008 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say my boyfriend went down the hill
    this weekend to get some good chronic from a dispensary.

    He went to the Orange Counties in CA.
    So, he bought some Bubba Kush and Trainwreck and I wanted
    to do a smoke report because it is well worth it.

    Lets start with Bubba Kush:

    l: Very very fruity and pungent. Almost tropical like smell.
    Its something I wouldn't mind my laundry smelling like! This is something
    I would definitely pay $25 a gram for. That means its top notch in SoCal.

    Appearance: Very nice, dense buds. Colors were very red
    and a very light green color. Lots of trichs making it look like
    like someone sprinkled crystal dust on them.

    The Smoke: tastes just like it smells. Very very fruity and sweet.
    I didn't mind my boyfriend blowing the smoke in my face. Bubba went down
    very smooth and clean, but after about 3.5 seconds, it starts to really expand inside your chest. you breathe out, and on comes a killer cough accompanied by a tasty tropical like aroma. I have asthma, and this is the only weed that makes me actually need my inhaler. (and master kush)

    The High
    : The high came on slowly like a light head change right after a puff of a cigg. And about 45 seconds later on comes a seriously heady stone, accompanied by a real couch like type trance. I can still walk,
    but after about 45 minutes of being stoned to the fullest, I had to lay down. Because the longer I stayed up, the higher I got.
    After waking up from a nap, I'm still stoned.


    The Smell: I could tell right off the bat that this chronic was grown in
    organic soil WITH organic nutrients in the best conditions. It smelled very
    earthy and fresh, just like the morning after a nice shower outside when
    you go to get the newspaper.

    : I have to admit, this trainwreck looked like someone dipped
    those fat ass nugs into confectioners sugar. I couldn't believe how many
    trichs were on it. The bud looked nearly white with a green undercoating.
    You could barely see the red hairs because there were so many trichs.
    You could tell the grower put lots of love into this grow and especially the cure. You could tell it was cured at least a month right off the bat. The trimming was very clean, no bigger leaves any where. Only dense pistils that were orange and brown.

    The Smoke: I usually try to take big bong hits, but this one knocked me
    right on my ass. My chest felt like it was on fire and my throat burned
    like hell. The cough lasted until I was passed the bong again. I had to wait about a minuted and half to take another hit because my chest hurt so bad. The taste was very clean. Almost like someone found a perfect
    trainwreck plant growing wildy and cured it and I found it. The flush must
    have lasted at least 2 weeks.

    The High: Came on just like a trainwreck right after the cough was over and
    you got your composure back. You had to wonder what the hell you were just doing before you were coughing your ass off and then you realize you just hit the trainwreck. I took 3 hits of this and was totally stoned off my ass. The kind of stone where you do nothing but sit and stare and think for 30 min straight. I would definitely buy again if grown this well.

    Overall, I would pick the Bubba Kush as being the better overall smoke.
    The taste was like eating fresh tropical fruit and the high laste for hours.

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    ganja man23

    ganja man23 Well-Known Member

    good report! i've always wanted to try trainwreck and this made me go and pick some up! thanks.

    purplekitty7772008 Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help.


    futbol.madrid07 Active Member

    I def enjoy that trainwreck I wish I had a disp. I could head out to and get that ish from haha looks like I'm just gonna have to get around to putting that in my next grow ha

    LiEBE420 Well-Known Member

    hey i'm from orange county!

    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the report on Bubba Kush.
    Im growing Bubba kush as we speak. My strain has been crossed with Deep Chunk, so now its Bubba Kush X Deep Chunk.
    I have 3 in flower, and 4 in veg, still have a while before harvest.

    purplekitty7772008 Well-Known Member

    Got a journal I can check out?

    Wanna send me some so I can compare?



    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    check the link in my sig. thats my journal.
    haha ok, take a picture of your bud now, and in a couple months when I harvest Ill take a pic of mine, then we can compare.....
    I am really happy you said it is fruity smoke. I grew some Blueberry X Northern Lights that was fruity and I loved it!!!!

    purplekitty7772008 Well-Known Member

    Haha. My boyfriend and I smoked it all!!!!

    He vaped the rest yesterday. lmao.
    So we're out.

    It is a very smooth smoke, until you exhale. Then your chest
    will burn and all of a sudden you're high as hell.

    The taste was what sealed the package for me. I would
    definitely buy the Bubba Kush again.
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    gogrow confused

    thanks for the well written smoke report... we dont have enough of these in my opinion... if you dont mind, im moving this to the smoke reports subforum of seed and strain reviews

    Ready2Inhale Well-Known Member

    i want these exact strains

    Ready2Inhale Well-Known Member

    great report...didnt even need pics...the words make you see it...lol

    purplekitty7772008 Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone.

    I hope whoever buys these strains enjoys it because
    I did.

    bdawgburner Member

    It sounds like you mixed up the two strains. Bubba is more earthy smelling. At least the pre98 is. Trainwreck is more fruity smelling in my opinion. Just my 2 cents. Though, i have had the pleasure of growing bubba for the last 3 years.
    LAX Skunky BwS

    LAX Skunky BwS Well-Known Member

    im from L.A. alot of cats like Bubba Kush alot.. i love it .. but i cant stop smoking the purple Kush!!!
    radric davis

    radric davis Member

    This makes more sense. I smoked sum bubba kush the other week and it wasn't very fruity. Very earthy and very strong and from this report it sounds like it might have neen. But honestly down here since there are no dispensaries I can only go buy what the dealer calls it. Watever it was it was FIRE. Got me thinkin about ordering sum fem pre 98 bubba kush x blue dream...

    bdawgburner Member

    Bubba kush reminds me of my grandmothers house when I was a kid. The smell the taste. Like a spring/summer morning like she said with dew on the ground. Its just wonderful. I cant say enough good things about bubba. Besides its too strong to smoke it all day. It takes me to a better place. haha. And no grandma didnt toke.

    purplekitty7772008 Well-Known Member

    Maybe we smoke strains from different seed companies????

    But I remember quite vividly which one was which.
    Still both really good smoke though.

    Kush always tastes nice and sweet to me. :joint:

    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    Hey purplekitty, like I said a while ago, I am growing some Bubba Kush thats been crossed with Deep Chunk for more quantity.
    And I must admit, your report is right on. :clap:
    Smell and taste are very fruity, very clean and strong.
    The high is amazing, just a couple hits and Im stoned for a while. bongsmilie
    The only thing that I would say is different would be the color. My buds have a slight purple tint to them. Check my journal in my signature and see for yourself.:weed:
    Thanks for the report purplekitty, I hope it inspires other people to buy/grow this strain.....

    DMDHoe2 Member

    Great report keep them coming. Ive had the bubba before even mixed it with purple kush. Your exactly right on with the bubba report. I appreciate the report keep em coming. Wish I tasted the train wreck tho.

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