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Brownies lost their kick!

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by oldtimer54, Nov 19, 2012.


    oldtimer54 Active Member

    Whats up all... I made my first batch of cannaoil a month ago. I then baked my first batch of brownies. I test drove a few and was satisfied they were good to go...passed them out to my friends and had no complaints......flash forward to this past friday made another batch of brownies had my first one when it was still warm but it didnt have the kick the first batch had so I gave a few away to a couple of friends didnt say anything to my friends about the potency of said brownies. I just asked that they all reporte back to me about what they thought and they did and they all said the same thing they were not as strong as the last batch.......I used the same amount of oil with the mix but didnt use as big of a baking dish 8 x8 I think...the first batch was baked in an 9 x 13 I followed the directions I picked that particular mix because of the oil amount and the size of the baking dish. I thought they would b stronger or more potent being that the dish was smaller.....!can anyone tell me if the oil can lose it's potency it has been kept in the fridge in a mason jar with the lid on....

    gioua Well-Known Member

    no.. it wont loose the potency that quickly unless your abused it and left it outside in the sun.

    The main issue with medibles is consistency.
    using hash or keif you get a better consistency.. 10 grams of buds may only be %5-10% thc so anywhere from .5-1g of thc.

    1 gram of hash is generally gonna be 1 gram of hash.

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