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Brown Spots

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Dok Murda, Jan 27, 2007.

    Dok Murda

    Dok Murda Active Member

    One of my plants has been developing brown spots. The plant itself is almost 3 months old and is about 6ft. I've had it under 12/12 for awile with a 400w high pressure soidum lamp and the buds have developed real nicely. I started noticing the spots a couple weeks ago so I initially pruned the leaves that were affected. I thought it might be a PH problem or a difficiency of some sort so I bought a PH tester and some tiger bloom. My PH was a little high, but only about 7.0. With the Tiger Bloom added it goes down to about 6.0. I've been feeding them for a week now and the leaves have become a healthier green, but the brown spots have continued to come. I was wondering also if it was mold, but I've had the room de-humidfied for awile and the problem still exists. If anyones got any ideas it would be awesome. I'll probably be flushing the soil right after i write this so we'll see if that helps. I'll also post a picture in a few.
    Dok Murda

    Dok Murda Active Member

    Ended up going out last night and forgor about the picture. I've seen all the pictures for abused plants with brown spots and I haven't seen something exactly like mine. It's not the worst effected leaf, but it should give an idea of whats going on.

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    mobby420 Well-Known Member

    I am having the exact same problem, however my plants are only 2 weeks old..... Im reall ynot sure whats causing these spots.... hope nothing too bad comes of them

    butter111 Well-Known Member

    get a pic of the whole plant and some of the under and top of the better leafs

    scias Well-Known Member

    keep your heat in check. if its around 75ยบ you're fine. if not, that's part of the problem. if heat is fine, it looks like a maganese deficiency

    himalayanhashish Active Member

    one way to tell if its a magnesium def. is it will start to yellow/brown from the veins first.. then outwards... hmmm because its not the tips i would say that your watering and drainage is fine... some forms of fungus and spots can happily spread without the normal humidity, leaf spot and black spot? although the latter is normally associated with fruits etc.. have you tried using a fungicide for spots and mould though?

    chronic1 Active Member

    I am having the same problem! I have been a grower for many years and have never had this problem before. I have fungus gnats at the moment however they are just affecting the babies not the adults. The adults have circular brown spots on yellowing leaves at top and bottom of plant. Also the adults are 2.5 wks into bud. At first I thought it might be a heat issue but I have my fans running. My ferts are the same as they have been since I started so I know that is not the problem and I do not use tap water. If anyone has any helpful ideas I am all ears!

    doobiedo Well-Known Member


    doobiedo Well-Known Member

    did you see the pic of the manganese def. brown spots with yellowing leaves!!

    chronic1 Active Member

    none of those photos resembles the problem I am having! The spots do not seem to occur in any type of pattern, they can be in the middle or ends, the leaves don't curl just turn yellow and have brown spots. I am honestly at a loss!!!!

    djace239 Active Member

    Im having the same problem with my 2 week old plant jus little brown spots and only 2 of them... I had problems with heat stress that i jus recently fixed but everthing else is fine... I hope its doesnt damage my baby too much...

    ckou8122 Member

    I am having the same exact problem, any luck figuring it out what it is?

    bruntyman Active Member

    and also it looks like there is little black spots on the bottom of the leave... pic wont show.... very small.. i bought a mag glass so i could see closer... there are not moving so i dont know... help yea i dont know if we are having the same problms but take a look and tell me what u think.. thanks to all that help on this web sight. :wall: my hydro lady thinks it might be red spiders.... what u think. it seems to be spreading... please help +rep for any one who can help me figure this out.. i bought aza max or azo max i cant tell if its a a or an o... any waz it made buy general hydro... 4 fl oz for like 21 bucks.. spendie

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    Bostonian Member

    I would like to know as well...

    mrchocolate Member

    I got spots that start kind of yellow then turn brown. was my leaf now itz on the feal across fron it at the bottom. Matter fact mine look just like bruntyman does, I had this problem last season. I aint pay it no mind because I 12/12 .:wall:help me somebody please, I got a beautiful girl and she pushin out many heads because I took of the main head just to try some thing new. HELP

    Archun Member

    Hey Guys!
    I had the same problem and after looking all over I have my first hypothesis, which is PH Nutrients lockout. This can cause many different kinds of deficiencies and that is why, when we all see other people's pictures, we see SOME similarities but not entirely the same. For example I could be having a Potassium deficiency due to my PH (too high), but anyone else could be having a Zinc, Boron, Manganese, or any other type. Also, given that the spots alone are the first step into nutrients lockout, that is why we still cant see anything else strange about our leaves and plants.
    Im not an expert, in fact im definitely a rookie at groowing these plants, but I do believe this could be the cuase in most cases, I will tryout with testing and keeping the PH correct and fixing the postassium deficinecy to see if that works. I ll keep you all posted.
    If anyone else has a different soluctions, please let me know.

    FoolBloom Active Member

    I really doubt that's ph or lockout. It looks like a pest problem. The bigger black spots could also be from water on the leaves that drips while feeding and then burns from your lamps. I've had that plenty of times and my remedy for that was to preparte my feed outside of my growroom. You wqoild be suprised how far a drop of waer can travel. But otherwise I'd suspect pests. Like working on a car, start with the most simple and likely cause before jumping to all these complex problems. Its gardening, not rocket science.pests are usually the first place to look. And just because you can't see them don't mean they are not there. Sorry typing on my blackberry so I may have hit some off keys.

    Archun Member

    Update on my situation:
    Treating it for FUNGUS. Seems to be working, but needs to be treated for 1 month, sprayed once a week. I'll update you next week.

    Archun Member

    Well, here's my update:
    After 3 weeks of treating for fungus, the plant is completely CLEAN! I still need to finish the treatment 1 more week, and then spray everyt other week for one more month to prevent it from coming back!!

    aalcorn0714 Member

    I currently have the same problem, using foxfarm tiger bloom as well... its not a def.. its most likely a heat problem bc it only seems to spread durring the hot days...
    Make sure your ventalation is good and make sure your light isn't too close to the plants.... you won't get your color back from the leaves but you can't prevent it from spreading...
    Also make sure your getting all your trace elements bc although foxfarms tiger bloom is good stuff... some strains require more trace elements than others...
    Hope this helps...

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