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Brown Rust Spots on BlackBerry Plants NEED Help!! Many PICS!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by wiebs2334, Jul 13, 2009.


    wiebs2334 Active Member

    I planted these 2 blackberry plants on June 1st and have been looking great until a few weeks ago. At that point i saw what i thought to be nitrogen deficiency so i started added fertilizer once at 1/4 strength and it appeared to disappear until last week. It looks like it is something different now that I have never seen before. There are these brown spots on all the bottom sets of leaves. What is wrong with them?

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    wiebs2334 Active Member

    They are in 8" pots full of Scott's Moisture Control Soil. They are both about 18in tall.

    rorylegrant86 Active Member

    my plant had a similar problem, it ended up being nute burn and a lack of nitrogen. also do you check the ph of your water

    wiebs2334 Active Member

    Could it be nute burn even if I watered with 1/4 strength fertilizer? Would i be better off ferting with blood meal instead of miracle grow? if so what strength?

    canefan Guest

    I agree looks like a nute burn or lockout........flush throughly and let them rest without the fertilizer for a week. You might try after the flush some super thrive or other suppliment, just vitimans and hormones, great for veg. Here is a site you might find very helpful both now and in the future...http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688 Hope this helps....Good Luck:joint::mrgreen:

    wiebs2334 Active Member

    The leaves I showed the close up pics of died and the leaves above are the same. I did a pH test of my soil and it was 6.3-6.5 & 5.3-5.5. Would that cause any lockouts? If so how would i raise the pH without buying ne thing at the store? Would Blood Meal work?

    siccmademike Active Member

    id flush it cause it looks like some nute burn to me... just run about 3times the pot size amount of water through it 1gal pots=3gals of water through it lol and she should be fine

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