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brown paper bag method

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by bmzgiantzfan, Nov 11, 2008.


    bmzgiantzfan Active Member

    Has anyone heard of this method before? Sticking you buds in a paper bag to cure.....
    And if soo wat do you think about it

    NASTYRUDEDOGG Well-Known Member

    Yup, I've heard about it and am doing it right now, it works.:peace:

    joepro Well-Known Member

    I'm using green bags, I must say it's a big step up from the brown bag.
    You should give them a try.
    welsh wizz

    welsh wizz Well-Known Member

    Yes Iv used mushroom paper bags you have to remember to open the bags and let it breath daily or mould could set in
    did a nice job stoned to the bone

    grind Well-Known Member

    wouldnt your weed just dry out in a paper bag?
    go with jars.

    mrgreenbudz Well-Known Member

    Brown paper bags work well also. I use them for all the small nugs you didn't hang and even to help them tighten up real nice. I will fill a bag about 3-5 inches depending on how heavy the nugs are and leave the bags open and once to 2x a day just fluff them and shake them around and up. I keep the room temp around 70-75 and a fan going also. I find that this is a great method as stated above for whats left after the first 2 cuts.

    After nugs are nice and dry in the brown paper bags I then place in to the oven cooking turkey bags and let cure opening them once a day for half hr to breath. I do this for 7 days and then done.

    Keep in mind then when working with 30-40 lbs it is impossible to use 1-gal pickle or mason jars. You still get the same curing as one, Turkey bags don't let in or out any smell so your buds won't be stinking up the room and also not absorbing any smell from your room. Just remember to twist them REAL tight and use a rubber band.

    Been working for me 4 yr running now.

    Good luck
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    trapper Well-Known Member

    i use the paper bag method always,it breathes slowly,and i just turn the buds around in the bag,after a few days i then put in jars.

    tomt Active Member

    After 2 weeks of paper bag and opening them once a day, I' ll put the bags into a cooler and that's where i'll store them.

    dangreen Well-Known Member

    I have used this same method with large Outdoor crops it works great and turkey bags seal the smell good. I like to give them air for 2 weeks but whatever you prefer. Great for moving large quantity's.

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