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Brown Dirt Warrior new video is up!!!! BrownDirtSeed CO !?!? Whooot

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by SCARHOLE, Dec 22, 2010.


    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Brown dirt inspired me to start growing again when i seen his vids.:hump:
    Hes a guerrilla growing legend.:hump:
    Check out his latest video, (an the rest if you aint seen em, they are EPIC)......:joint:


    Hope his seeds are out befor the spring grow starts?
    Ill email him an see whats up for yall.

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Heres the first vid.
    A must see for all outdoor/guerilla growers.


    marijuananation Well-Known Member

    I love brown Dirt Warrior
    I can't believe RIU banned him for promoting his videos on her.. (he could be of so much assistance on this site it isn't even funny !!)
    He even says a shout out to FDD2blk and everything..

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Dam brown dirt seeds sound good.
    But im to cheep of a grower......
    100 $ gets you 12, an a grow video.
    45-50 day finisher, huge yield.
    Half brazialian sativa.
    20 yrs perfecting.

    Hes a NINJA grower am was growing for a living, Id bet its dam good an big yeild.

    Some one with some $ guerilla growing I would check his shit out.............

    MJstudent Well-Known Member

    old thread but just watched brown dirts doc episodes 1- 15 damn that was one of the best grow doummentries ive ever watched, not the most educational video but by far the most exciting, im going to try his seeds next year from vanouver seed bank.

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    cool video i just saw him in the big buds magazine...it said browndirtwarrior is back !!


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