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Broken stem near the bottom

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Tjs1989, Jan 25, 2018.


    Tjs1989 Member

    Guys I did something dumb af.

    I made a net for my colas out of an old baby gate. I got drunk right after though and just kinda threw it on top of my plant.

    Well...I woke up this morning and saw the damage. Pic below.

    I know Im dumb. I know there are better ways to do netting. I know, I know. Please, don't chastise me..

    I wanna know if any of you pros think it will heal. If not,
    or if you think it'll be longer than a week (I want to start flower soon) before it does heal,
    I want to know if I can even clone such a thick stem...seems like a lot of to 'scrape' off.

    OK pic incoming watching Dragon Ball Super :bigjoint:

    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    If you tape it up fast they heal well. If you wait too long it won't.

    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    Broke, as in severed? Or just folded over?
    The first means that you're basically f-ed, maybe you can salvage some cuttings for clones.
    The second just requires a bit of duct tape to make a splint to give the stem some support until it 'hardens' into a knuckle.

    Tjs1989 Member


    Was pretty drunk when I started this thread. Ill end it.

    I broke a thick "barky" stalk. Probably one of the two from when I topped it. It was thick.
    I didn't do anything. My girlfriend went in, while I was at work, and taped it up...with since kind of clear, wide, not for plants, tape.
    I was kinda like omg wtf that's not duct tape. And she kinda did a really bad job of taping it back to the correct position. It was barely connected; like by a little sliver. It looked like shit, but my lazy ass wasn't bout to fix it so I kinda just waited for the worst and left it.

    Well, it's been about 2 weeks.
    It isn't dead or dying.
    It isn't the tallest branch.
    But. It survived. It's growing and stretching like all the other branches.

    Moral of the story I guess is: Broken stems (as long as there is still some connecting matter) are not a big deal.

    Sorry for wasting forum space:oops::wall::P

    In the pic it's the bigger stem that broke. U
    She used that smaller one as support <3 her so much:clap::hump:

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    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018

    Tjs1989 Member

    Few more pics.

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