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broken stem in bong

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by hungryman1986, Nov 23, 2009.


    hungryman1986 Well-Known Member

    so i couldn't find a better place to post this. i guess how do you do it yourself.....remove a broken down stem in a bong.

    i paid 220 for this piece and it got knocked over the other day and the stem broke off, when i went to try to get it out the glass was just breaking off even with where it goes in. this glass on glass is in its sticky spot (sure you other glass on glassers know what i mean) where it just kinda gets stuck in there

    anyway here is a bad pic but a pic none-the-less....if anyone can help me get this out without breaking the important part it would be awesome.

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    smokealotadopis Member

    was up man i would try to put cookin oil or somthing around the stem and try to spin it in the tube then take a pair of pliers and a rag and try to pull it out while twisting it back and forth

    hungryman1986 Well-Known Member

    yeah i tried with my fingers and was breaking it. but i will try some oil that is a good idea. and i got me a wire hanger that i cut and am able to stick all the way out the bottom and hook it so i can put the pressure at the bottom of the stem. will update if i get it out.

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    I have had this problem before! Get a pair of needle nose plyers heat up the glass and stick the plyers down the broken stem. open them and give it a tug with a lil bit of preasure. repeat till she pops out.. cheers

    ReAVeR Well-Known Member

    ive snapped males off of almost every bong i put my illadelph a/c in cause its so heavy from the tree percs... I know a dude out in Nevada who you can send it too if it snaps, or if you want that piece you broke fixed. He will fix it, with thicker glass, and youll never know it broke. PM me if your interested. The fix on my bongs to reblow a male was $70.. may not be worth it to you cause it was only 220, but mine was 780 so.. yea lol

    alexonfire Well-Known Member

    I have the exact same problem with my GEAR bong, I think im going to bend a metal coat hanger with a small hook to pull it out

    SmokeyMcChokey Well-Known Member

    you could take a coathanger and make a small hook then shove it til its inside the bong and pull that way its not puttin pressure on the weak part too bad. i dunno just McGuyver that shit
    ^^^ didnt see that post

    alejandro.420 Member

    It would be greatly appreciated if you helped me out with my same problem. A bottel of Jager fell from my dresser & broke the stem flush with the male joint on my beaker Bong. Also the inside of the diffused stem is broke in my Bong. so basically I have a glass joint jammed in my male 18mm joint. I am willing to do anything at this point. Msg if you can help.

    Coho Well-Known Member

    I know some metal parts can get unstuck by heat or cold. I don't know about glass.

    bamfrivet Well-Known Member

    When ever I have had a stem break in side the bong, this is what I do except with a paper clip (as I usually have one or two around that I've used to clean my pipe). Just unfold the first 2 bends and you should be able to stick it down in there and grab the bottom of it and pull out. If there is some resin in there making it difficult a little bit of rubbing alcohol should help loosen it up pretty fast.

    spencer2121 Well-Known Member

    If its sticky at all from resin, try pure acetone from homedepot, it is the perfect thing to use to clean a bong in seconds and is harmless after u wash it off


    How did you get the stem piece out???,The same thing has happend to me with my sheldon black,and a chinease mouthpiece broke off and pieces are inside the joint
    dank smoker420

    dank smoker420 Well-Known Member

    this happened to be a while ago with my HBG i was super bummed untill i got it out. but i used a rubber jar opener and a wrench since there was about 1/4 in sticking out the joint. i now only use 14mm so it doesnt stick out as far.
    Grown n Oregon

    Grown n Oregon Active Member

    soak it in rubbing alcohol. the alcohol will eat the resin up over time and it will slide right out. also..leave it in the frig to chill out. glass shrinks slightly when cold and expands when hot.

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    If you can't get it with the coathanger trick, go to a part store like Napa or Carquest, the chain stores like Autozone usually only have the sets, but you can get dentist picks with a 45 or 90 degree bend at the end and it will not bend when you tug on it, or if you happen to see a Snap On or Matco tool truck truck running around they have them too.

    Frostyle Member

    I just tried to take out my stem like always, but this happened. i'm not sure if i should take it out or not, still hits.
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