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Bringing up Seedlings Outdoors

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by lsdcrystals, Jan 31, 2012.


    lsdcrystals Member

    im doing my first outdoor grow this year and i dont have a place inside to bring up the seedlings. we get great weather where i live and i was wondering if i can just plant the seed outside. has anyone ever tried this? any advice?

    Humboldtchronic Well-Known Member

    this is what ya do my friend start germinating the seeds by putting them in some moast paper towels and coverring it with 2 plates in a warm dark place after a couple days the seeds will pop then you put them in some solo cups with fox farms ocean mix potting soil and get a ziplock bag and poke some holes in it then mist the soil with a spray bottle then put the ziplock bag over the top of the cup and use a rubber band to fasten it the ziplock bag creates a greenhouse effect with high humidity levels and warmth which is vital for poppin little seedlings as soon as it pops up keep take the bag off and bam your good to go bud hope that helps ive never started seeds indoors.

    lsdcrystals Member

    thanks a lot man that sounds great and that is what i am going to do MUCH THANKS!

    chickenpoop Well-Known Member

    can grow them inside because you live with your parents still, please be extra safe.

    PIPBoy2000 Active Member

    Paper towels suck - that is a n00b forum myth. Ripping the taproot out of the paper towel that it has already rooted into? Sounds traumatic. You're stressing the hell out of it as soon as you can!
    Just soak them in water for 24 hours and put in soil. Or just put in soil straight away.
    If they're old seeds, soak some pepper seeds or any other viable seed in the water - they release hormones that will help the weed seed sprout.
    Again, paper towels are probably the worst way to start seeds.

    stonerman Well-Known Member

    starting seeds outdoors can be done, I mean marijuana plants have been growing wild from seed for thousands of years before we were here. You cannot even think about starting seeds until the last spring frost is over in your area. There is last frost dates for all different locations, its may 16 here, so anytime after the last frost, your fine. I suggest having a big amount of seeds to play with, because you will have some fatalities. In the spring, when the slugs come out to play, they absolutely love marijuana seedlings and one slug can easily destroy a seedling in a matter of minutes. If you do have slugs, your going to need to protect your plants, seedlings are very small and defenseless when they just start growing. Anything can kill them very easily. Maybe you should make a mini greenhouse to start your seedlings in, it will help protect agaisnt some animals, and keep it nice and toasty in the early spring. Seeds germinate very lousy at low temps, especially outdoors in spring, so germinating seeds indoors is faster, then gently transfer germinated seeds into a party cup of fluffy soil and place outside in greenhouse. Hope that helps, happy toking. :bigjoint:

    P.S paper towel method may be a delicate way to germinate seedlings, but with proper viable seeds, The paper towel method is almost fool proof, with a hundred percent success rate other then broken tap roots.

    WOOT 800 posts!

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    yes it can done...right now i just have new seedling that sprouted few days ago...all i do is plant seed into soilless 16oz party cup and use zipbag as tent once you see the sprout, take off the tent...right now seedling is bath the sun by windsill...i will get plant outdoor in about two weeks or next week...it start 12/12 i have tent for dark time...at the night plant wont survive 30 or 22 degree cold in my area but daytime is very nice with sun...if you dont mind to work bit more ?

    happy growing and peace

    piney bob

    piney bob Active Member

    The best way to do it...

    grassified Well-Known Member

    Because your not doing it right, I never leave the seed in the paper towel for more than 24 hours after it has popped, if you do your a n00b. But you can still fix it, just rip the paper towel itself instead of the actual seedling so you dont mess it up.

    This is the #1 reason for shitty little plants and poor slow growth, once a plant is disturbed like that in its nascent stages, it is never the same.

    PIPBoy2000 Active Member

    Why take a chance when my method works just as good - better even(10yearold seed anyone?) - but without the risks of damaging the taproot?

    Humboldtchronic Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure ive used that method quite a few times and it works great but i prefer to use clones less hassle btw all my buddies big time growers use the same method :)

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Are they viable outdoor seeds? get some jiffys ,put two seeds in each, saturate them put them in a bread crate(good drainage), wrap bird wire around it(bottom,sides and top) to stop rodents and deer etc, place in full sun(if poss) and water with a watering can and mild nutes every 2-3 days. This always works. They take about 300 jiffys.[​IMG]

    Noahp123 Member

    I've never had a problem germinating seeds on paper towels on a plate, then covering the plate with a bag. Mostly the seeds don't even grow into the paper towel, you just have to catch them soon enough. Even if they do a wet paper towel is about the easiest thing to tear, and if you don't want to do that leave a little bit of the paper towel on it then plant in soil. No ripping need occur.

    necrotoker Active Member

    i am going to have to agree pipboy...I had my seeds in a wet papertowel for like 5 days and no seeds popped, I transfered them to a glass of water and te very next day I had three seeds good to go

    ANC Well-Known Member

    I have always started my seedlings straight outdoors, it has many hassles
    1 needs to grow straight into soil, small pots and trays get too hot for the rootzone, go big or go home (indoors).
    When you DO put it straight into soil, they are a snail and bird magnet while small.
    This is my first winter indoor grow and I'm blown by seedling performance under some CFLs. Probably spent $15 on a small 2 tube fitting and got some $3 20W CFLs to help thing along.
    By three weeks they should be pretty hardened especialy if you use a small fan on them. I got a small 6" fan from the pharmacy for les than a fiver.
    By 7 weeks under the CFL's half seedlings are so unruly and big I had to move them outdoors yesterday. They will be going back indoors in a week though :)
    Kb's seeds

    Kb's seeds Active Member

    the paper towel method works fine if ur careful, i like to jus drop my seeds in a cup of water for 24 to 48hrs til the little white tip pops outa the shell, then they go into soil, yes u can start seeds outdoors and it can be done in shitty weather i have a seed growing that started germinating outdoors at the end of febuary this year, she is still going and getting strong, she already showd me sex and is a female so i know im good to go, here is a few pics natural sprout.jpg unknown seed 420.jpg unknown march.jpg unknown tied down.jpg

    MaineKush Member

    over 200 via paper towel this year, they all popped. Wet, ziploc bag, dark, 80 degrees.... fail proof, idiot proof.

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