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Bring Up Humidity?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by cmak40, Mar 25, 2008.


    cmak40 Well-Known Member

    k guys my humidity stays down around 25-35% and doesnt get that much higher. do i want more? how do i get it higher?

    Maccabee Well-Known Member

    You may want more, conventional wisdom says a higher RH is good for vegging. Myself, I have a somewhat low RH in my grows too (I'm at around 30 - 40%) and I just water more as I prefer that to worrying about mold. I wouldn't try and raise it during flowering unless low RH is giving you problems of some kind, low RH prevents bud rot.

    If you do want to raise your RH, you can (in order of increasing complexity and expense):

    -set out a small container of water and let it evaporate (for a very modest effect)

    -set out a larger container of water with a fan over it (better effect)

    -buy a humidifier and put it on a timer to run intermittently. Running it all the time typically isn't an option because the reservoirs in the things aren't that large.

    -set up some kind of fogging system with an external res, maybe even hooked up to an RH sensor.

    Other folks may have niftier ideas. I'd love to see some!
    Zoomin Loomen

    Zoomin Loomen Active Member

    I've also read that a low RH is ideal for spider mites.....

    "Other folks may have niftier ideas. I'd love to see some!"
    Have sex in your grow room often!

    willRavage Well-Known Member

    30-40% is great for small areas.

    notsonuts Active Member

    i have ran at these humidity % for over 9 years and no problems i think its better low than to high ussually things listed are for max growth well there are several things more important for max growth in my opnion than low rh.keep growin and good luck!!!

    cmak40 Well-Known Member

    thankz guys i have a 4x8 grow area basically and its in veg now, ive seen a lot of rh up at 60-70% and thoughht it mite be a good idea to bring it up, if not a big deal i wont worry, i do have a bucket of water in there all the time tho, didnt help much for rh. maybe ill try the fan thing over it...

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