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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Urhighness88, Sep 7, 2013.


    Urhighness88 Well-Known Member

    So I'm a newb at growing but I was thinking of taking my chances with trying to breed. I was thinkin of trying to breed a normal seed with a auto flower. But I was curious hhow do you go about doing it and containing the pollen to one spot and also if I breed with a auto does that mean the seeds would be a auto flower strain? Also anther question can you grow autos anywhere at any time or are they jus as temperamental as normal cannabis plants .

    hoonry Well-Known Member

    Urhighness88 - to breed plants you will need a male plant to supply pollen. there are a couple of ways to collect pollen from a mature male plant - hopefully done far away (inside is best) from your ladies to prevent accidents. one way is to slit a paper plate from the side to the middle and slide it onto the base of the plant, so that when the flowers dump their load, it lands on the plate. you can then sweep it off into whatever storage container you chose (I use folded up tinfoil). when you are ready, you can take a paintbrush and use it to apply the pollen to whatever flowers you chose. you want to do it when the pistils are still white if you can... another way is to secure a paper bag over the male branch you want to collect pollen from. it's a bit like putting a jimmy hat on the branch - when the flowers shoot their load - it gets caught in the bag. you can then take the bag and tie it over the (preferably north facing, lower branch) female branch you want to pollinate and leave it on for a few days. this is a fairly oversimplified explanation and I would suggest a little bit of research before you proceed. if you cross an auto with a non-auto, it depends on how the genes combine to determine if it will be auto or not. only one real way to find out is to grow them out. and don't forget cannabis is polyamorous - she doesn't care who the papa is so you can make many flavors out of one female if you have different male pollens. and above all be meticulous with your note taking! hope this helps
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    HeadieNugz Active Member

    Research, as its VERY, VERY entailed.
    How ever, in short, NO.
    You do not automatically get a auto flower seed from an F1 cross of an Auto and a Reg Indica/Sativa.
    Producing auto strains took breeders years of Self crossing, Filial progenies and Back-crossing to coax that Auto Pheno out.
    Maybe 1 in 100 for a F1 will present this pheno, but even that is unlikely.
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