Brand new Grower suggestion please?

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    Hey guys.
    I need to get new seeds. My first actual grow went really bad. I made the HORRIBLE decision to spend most of my money into equipment rather then good seeds. I had really bad yield and most of my seeds were either hermy or straight up males (even though i brought feminized seeds). I know my environment was totally fine because most of my money went into a arduino system with temp and hum sensors -.- So basically, I place all my effort in the environment rather then my actual seeds. Can you guys suggest some good seed banks that ship to USA that has good genetics and safe shipping. Also if possible, stupid-proof -.- Thanks guys

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    Himalayan Gold...that stinks of Greenhouse Seed Company...
  3. Sin city seeds is great i jst bought 12pk and got 7 females and thy r not fem seeds,,, i know the guy and hlp sort seeds time to time.. i would say at least hlf r female, done a few runs myself every seed popped plus they are big yielders,,, bosses sister and sour nightmare kush r recomended ive done both with great results. Happy growing

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    It might be cause it was a brighter site but yea horrible seeds. I figured as long as the environment is good and nutes are good, the plants to have good yield.

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    Attitude and Sannies is what I have been using. Others have had sucess with Herbies and Sea of Seeds.

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