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bottom leaves dying on young plants ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by mobby420, Nov 21, 2007.


    mobby420 Well-Known Member

    hey my plants are almost 3 weeks old, they have 4-5 internodes each, with a bunch of leaves.....however only about 5 inches tall. now i know the first 2 little leaves are supposed to turn yellow and die, but most of my plants the first set of real leaves are either becoming brown spotty, or completly brown and crispy... dead.... the plants are not growing in height very fast, but there is allot of new growth comming in, leaf wise, and stems getting thicker.... 3 weeks from seed, hydro set up in rockwool, i was overwatering the first 1.5 weeks but have since corrected it.... ph is 5.5ish and only 1/4 strength nutrients.... what do you guys think ?

    btw it is only on the bottom leaves, which are also somewhat curly and deformed, but all the new growth seems allot more straight/even and no discolorations..

    giagemgal Well-Known Member

    I'm more of a picture kind of girl....could you provide one?


    mobby420 Well-Known Member

    I would if i could! ill be getting a camera this weekend, but hopefully my plants will be doing better by then !!!

    any ideas though??

    xweedxgrowx Well-Known Member

    Its either lack of water, or fertalizer burn....
    I had the same problem in my last grow and what i did to fix the problem was mist the leave's with a LITTLE bit of water every couple hours. and within day's my plant was healthy.
    but im not saying u have the same problem i did..Just a guess =D
    keep it greenn

    keep it greenn Member

    dudeee let it do wat it do it anta gunna die promise

    Farming420 Member

    same problem here its pissing me of really badly the bottom leafs are browning and the now maturing ones that used to be the new ones are also dying I don't know what the problem Is but I did poor some nutritional water on them for leafs is this a problem?
    Snow Crash

    Snow Crash Well-Known Member

    This thread is over 3 years old, has over 5,000 views... and 5 posts...

    @Farming420, you're overfeeding your young plants. WTF is "nutritional water" anyway? Did you just pour it over the plant? You could be doing a lot wrong. Without pictures you don't have a chance of getting an answer. Start your own thread rather than hijacking this ancient thing too.

    wannaquickee Well-Known Member

    i think people just like bumping old ass threads.

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