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Bonsai Marijuana Plants?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Shadow15x, Mar 30, 2011.


    Shadow15x Member

    I was wondering... Is it possible to grow bonsai marijuana plants? I imagine the THC content would be extremely concentrated depending on the strain's "normal" attributes. Any thoughts???

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    shnkrmn Well-Known Member

    no, it wouldn't be more concentrated. Just a little gnarly plant.
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    WillyPhister Well-Known Member

    I love growing bonsais, I take very small clones from a mother thats a few weeks into flowering and put them in 12/12 once they're established. Im also LSTing new growth to get the shape I want. I do mine under 1 or 42w cfls all the way to harvest. The quality of the urb is just as phenomenal as larger plants. I get the most dense buds from cfls when I grow bonsais, because of their tiny footprint you get amazing results with cfls.
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    WillyPhister Well-Known Member

    I really need to kick my own ass for always forgetting to take pics at harvest. Here are a couple of bonsais that I did last year and found enough motivation to take pictures of, they're clones from bagseed plants that I had growing outdoors at the time. They were only fed with FF Tiger bloom for the duration of the grow (I didnt have the money to buy anything else at the time). I use one 42w CFL per bonsai, I yielded just over half an ounce from the plant in the green pot. These pics are from only about half way through flowering too, I wish I had pics of them before harvest, they looked so AWESOME!

    11.jpg 9.jpg 7.jpg 4.jpg 10.jpg 8.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg [​IMG]
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    HisGirl420 Active Member

    That is some mighty fine looking buds you have... That's so sick to have that little plant. Makes me want one....

    sso Well-Known Member

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    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    wow those are tiny man nice job. are they from seed or clone?
    i did one tiny one once, i took about a 3 inch cut of my plant stuck it in dirt ith no roots and flowerd it, it ende up rooting and making a nice lil tree

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    WillyPhister Well-Known Member

    Thats a picture perfect little bonsai, what kind of light was she under? I assume hps.

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    ya she was under a 600 hps in the corner and under neath the big girls

    Mr.Natural Active Member

    I tried a couple way too late and killed them....fast, Only plants I ever lost, they have to be done early...nice Mc purple

    Indicator Active Member

    I'm interested in this. Do you root prune like in traditional bonsai?.... or do just take flowering clones and root them? Any particulars as far as the rooting goes? Peat pot, rock wool, etc? Nice little grows y'all got!

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    i just snipped of a tiny lower branch and put in dirt with out roots and put into flower right after it got into the dirt and it took about 2 weeks for it to do anything but after that it did fine

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    ya it was, i suck at cloning to and this one just took for some reason, i had no faith in it and then it proved me wrong

    Indicator Active Member

    Yeah, I seem to suck at cloning as well. So, were your cuttings from veg, or were the donor's in flower already? So, just stuck it in soil, right into flower eh? Good on ya! Gonna give this a go. How many nodes did your cuttings have? Sorry for all the q's just trying to get anything to root has been a pain so far. Fairly new indoor grower. Liking all the hands-on interaction!

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    i would not recommend this rooting tech to any one its better to root under more hours of light, but it was about 3 nodes and like 2 inches tall and was took from a plant about 1 week into flower.
    their is much better ways to clone then this though

    Arezedni Member

    Can anyone tell how to top/trim the plants properly so that they will stay that height? Mine are coming from seedlings and I need to keep them at about 9-10 inches final height.
    Also, when is best to start the flowering cycle for the small guys?

    Ansom Member

    With topping and LST you can get what you see as my avatar.

    Mr.Natural Active Member

    Start 12/12 from germ, and LST from the beginning. 10 inches isn't very much room, good luck

    Arezedni Member

    They've been on 18/6 a while, I think I'm gonna wait just a bit because they're not getting very tall. In fact, they seem to be on a fourth node after 2 1/2 weeks and the plants are just making it out of the pots. (except one taller one which is not nearly as bushy and has a gimp leaf.) I think this is because of how small the space is and how close the hps is.
    So I'm thinking maybe I should not top them since they are soo short at that node... What do yall think?

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    I love bonsai. Most bonsai are woody trees or shrubs trained and root pruned to stay small. But they come back every year.
    Cannabis is an annual plant and idk if you could grow it for more than a few years. At some point it will want to flower and then die
    as it does in nature. Beautiful photos.

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