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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by steve aka koolkat, Jun 20, 2007.

    steve aka koolkat

    steve aka koolkat Well-Known Member

    I have an extra Gravity Vortex Bong for sale for 75$ These sell from 89.99 to 150(150 here in paradise). I hit the wrong button and I'm stuck with a brand new extra:???: I can't use 2, well I could but....These things really rock, plus won 1st prize at 2006 Cana. Cup in Amsterdam. PM me if interested. I can take Paypal too. PM me if interested...
    See how they work Gravity VORTEX - Powerful like a gravity bong. Smooth like a vaporizer
    Steve aka koolkat

    wkarma Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but what does this have to do with indoor growing?

    twistup04 Active Member

    how much would shipping be

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