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boiling your bowl?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Awake and Baked, Aug 18, 2008.

    Awake and Baked

    Awake and Baked Active Member

    i always boil my bowl to clear it out. i get huge globs of resin and i always throw it away. Does anyone know if i am wasting good resin? I guess i could smoke some and see but i just thought i'd ask.

    MisterMicro Well-Known Member

    you selfish, selfcenterd bastard! mail it to me, im really need something to smoke right now.

    Your only wasting it if your tight on money.

    emptypool1 Well-Known Member

    put your nug in the oven
    bake it at 302 F
    and keep it in there for about 4-5 minutes

    it kills all the germs and paracites that the nug contain, that you dont want to smoek
    it also makes it burn way dank, and doesnt degrade the thc

    MisterMicro Well-Known Member

    huh? sounds like a shity plan idk.
    Awake and Baked

    Awake and Baked Active Member

    i thought water would screw up the thc. thanks for all the future highs.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    water n tch dont mix

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    try swishing it around in a plastic bag with warm rubbing alcohol. If you boil it in water in will stink up your house and it will be hard to clean the pot you boiled it in.
    ricky ronatello

    ricky ronatello Well-Known Member

    this is what i do: get a tea kettle, fill er up with water, when the water has reached its boiling point, put the water in a plastic like zip lock bag..big ass one...then put ur pipe in the bag,,zip it shut,,and start shaking...ive heard that this is not good for the the glass, but i dnno

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    forget the water, resin isn't soluble in water, it is with rubbing alcohol...

    Cr8z13 Well-Known Member

    Scrubbing with alcohol and salt works wonders for me.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member


    You people also walk around bars and clubs drinking the leftovers in glasses?

    Jriggs Well-Known Member

    i hate cleaning mine
    I dont smoek the resin leftover jsut lie it nice and shiney.

    I usually use rubbing alc. and a q tip, ocne its as clean as possible I lite the alc on fire let uit burn out scrub it again with q tip and start over..

    soem parts of it have never been clean that i cant reach to :(.

    speedhabit Well-Known Member

    Litsten, there is no argument. Boiling or using hot water is the WORST way to clean pipes, its also inefficient. Take a zip lock baggy, add enough salt to coat. (I like to pour it in the tube and shit) Next take rubbing alcohol (I use 91%(red) but a regular 70% bottle is fine) and pour to cover the pipe, shake 3 times a day for 2 days and the pipe will be BRAND NEW, no TRACE clean. If you just baggie, shake for 5 min, and rinse with hot water youll get it 90% clean. A paperclip helps with tough spots.

    This is perfect for alot of guys that cant clean their pipes in one quick shot becuase they "cant get to the bad spot"
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    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    retarded ? Cant belive any1 replies to stupid shit like this

    smokertoker Well-Known Member

    I third the salt and rubbing alcohol tip. I just load my pipe with salt, if it clogs add alcohol, keep adding salt so there is more salt than the alcohol can disolve. Then, just plug the holes and start shaking that bastard, good as new.

    smokertoker Well-Known Member

    Someone is jelous b/c nobody will reply to his post...

    karri0n Well-Known Member

    I believe he was asking if it were PLAUSIBLE to actually smoke the resin. The answer is yes. If you boil it, a fair amount of resin will come out. you can then collect that up, roll it in a ball, then smoke it. It has lower thc than the bud, and is both harsh and gross, but when you're beat, you're beat. The boiling will not destroy the thc.

    You cannot smoke it if you remove it with alcohol and salt, but this will be more effective cleaning.

    Lastly, It will really mess u he pan you boil it in. My solution: Get some Gladware or ziplock throw away tupperware bowls, put water and bowl, boil in microwave. Then you can collect the gross resin, roll it in a ball or mush it flat to dry faster, then smoke it. You can also just roll it into a ball then smoke it to dry it with the lighter.

    Also, for those hard to get to spots, I have a good tip. *gasp* A PIPE CLANER!. Remember the colorful pipe cleaners from art class? Turns out they actually work quite well for cleaning pipes. However, when I was little, I had no idea how one would use it to clean a pipe, as I was thinking about the plumbing pipes that connect to your sink.

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