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bodhi seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by dankydonky, Apr 4, 2012.


    Thai_Lights Well-Known Member

    Any info on the Peshawar land race?

    raytizzle Active Member

    HOLY SHIT THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Specs on your grow please.

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    update on my silver mountains, 3 females, about day 50, the tallest one is falling over, the top bud is the biggest i've ever grown. Sorry no pics. Too early too tell on potency but early indications are it is very good but not holy grail. Heavy yielders all three.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Many times a smell when opening a jar will overwhelm me in a familiar aura of wonderful scents but cannot describe the smell. The identity hides in the shadows and only allows rare glimpses. A second set of nostrils is a big help as you can bounce your perceptions off one another. Lemon took forever for me to pick up on. I can't smell lavender at all and fuel and Skunk tones seem related. To me anyway.

    MrMayhem1134 Well-Known Member

    Well, no pictures of the GLG order due to a personal issue and I won't be posting any in the future unfortunately. Will still be looking out for Bodhi strains from others hopefully :).
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    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    well after spending a lot of time in the garden tonight I finally picked out something distinctive but it wasn't a Bodhi strain, it was a freebie Vashon early girl I got with the ssdd. I think I smelled a very pine sol smell, anybody have experience with this strain? don't want to go that far off topic, maybe pm me? but at least it was something besides just the generic smell of marijuana.

    thanks for the tips on smells guys, I will keep at it. I wish I could describe that nasty ssdd smell, it was definitely not just generic marijuana smell, it was extremely distinctive and absolutely indescribable.

    edit: after checking my notes, I am completely wrong about the strain, it is actually Nirvana seeds ak48 from Bonza
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    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    That 88' g-13 hp dad. Dudes pollen would probably melt your brain! Clusterfunk, day 46 +/- IMG_1413.JPG

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    that is some serious fucking trich coverage!! I haven't had trichs like that in a long time, if ever. I got a couple frosty ones right now, but nowehere near that, damnit boy!!
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    My 2 88'g13hp spawn are both like that. Thats my only cut of clusterfunk but all 7 cuts/4 phenos of more cowbell are at least that frosty.
    MC, last harvest, not too long before chop: IMG_1108.JPG Clusterfunk, day 46. One brach, front to back. All the way back. That blur is where it ends and i couldnt get 1 or 2 in the front in a frame i was happy with so i settled for a pic i was happy with. IMG_1412.JPG

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    goddamnit, that MC and some gogi are the next on my wishlist. I wish I could get good pics too, mine just aren't that great yet. I keep fucking with all the settings and trying full manual, even manual focus and can't find the sweet spot.

    good job man
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    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Iphone 7+. No filter, no frills. Lil crop action. And wile im posting, just took a couple more shots
    Appalachian superskunk, cut #4 (lemon pinesol and gear oil) day 36. Trying to keep up with her mc tent mates. IMG_1426.JPG More cowbell, cut #2, day 36. Doin what she do. IMG_1432.JPG The whole gang! MC #2, back l+r, ASS, #4 L, #2 (grape jelly and stank), R. ASS #4 seems to hold on to her funk fairly well. Took 2 down outdoors, working as i can dry trimming and she fawkin reeks! IMG_1436.JPG

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    I should be able to get good pics with a sony a6300 24mp, I just ain't figured out photography yet, even after taking a couple classes.

    I need an actual macro lens but them fuckers ain't cheap at all and the f stop may not get the depth I want. I opted for the cheap macro filters instead and may need to just back off and use the regular lens alone and zoom in a little then crop after.

    idk, maybe take another class.

    looking good man, again.
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    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Its your lighting mainly. Brighr white diffused or indirect light. I spend alot of time with the angle of my shots to avoid bright spots and shadows. Notice the color differences of my shots. They are under the same light, just different angles. IMG_1437.JPG Bodhi kief! Because, Bodhi. :bigjoint:
    Tripping With Rocks

    Tripping With Rocks Well-Known Member

    I want that lighter!

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Want that Kief!

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm not sure exactly. IIRC, those two were taken with the on camera flash only. I usually take pics under the HPS because it provides plenty of light whereas other methods I've tried just don't have enough light, and using the flash in the dark is hard for me, I am no photographer at all.

    My blue filter hasn't arrived yet and I usually manually white balance. Last bunch of pics I tried under the HPS I couldn't remember how to adjust my f stop and playing with everything else to get the exposure right and not bleached out with the overpowering lights, I couldn't get enough of the bud in focus. I brain fart a lot when I have that damn camera in my hand, and it's actually very easy to change all those things in manual mode, f stop, ISO, and shutter speed. I even put it in manual focus the time before these last pics and I had the f stop all fucked up and could only focus on a very small plane of the buds and it just didn't come out right.

    The day after that round my camera wouldn't focus at all, even in auto focus mode, and I reset it to factory settings. It was set to save multiple versions of each pic including RAW and now it just saves the one and the damn menu is confusing. It's gonna take me a few days to get some settings back where I want them now.

    These last two are the same pic just cropped differently and all were taken under the 1k HPS, I can't remember which were auto focus and which were manual, but I think the ones with a very narrow depth of field were manual focus, I was trying my macro lens adapters on the more close up shots where the f stop adjustment just didn't happen for me correctly. the hard thing is getting everything set right under such a bright light.
    DSC00278 (2).JPG DSC00281 (2).JPG DSC00293 (2).JPG DSC00299 (2).JPG DSC00305 (3).JPG DSC00305 (2).JPG
    Crab Pot

    Crab Pot Well-Known Member

    Thank you brother! I’m growing indoors in 25 gallon no-till pots, using Blumat’s for watering and Sun System 630 watt fixtures with 315w Phillips 4200 bulbs.

    Here’s a pic of another Soulmate pheno

    Crab Pot

    Crab Pot Well-Known Member

    Here’s a bud shot of my Strawberry diesel x Aruba cut


    numberfour Well-Known Member

    Tree Of Life
    tol - Copy.jpg

    arty shot :wink:
    tol2 - Copy.jpg


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