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bodhi seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by dankydonky, Apr 4, 2012.


    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    feels like @luv2grow let loose of his sharks w/ lazer beams lol
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    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    that's seriously sweet, Makes me so happy I got it on 420 glg promo

    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Seriously Farmer, I didn't see anyone get "flamed", lol. Though I will agree ya need a thick skin and healthy sense of humor to post here.

    And yet even after all that's been posted, still insisting that its plausible Bodhi used some bullshit Cali Con S1s selected by some unknown hypothetical grower.

    "you can lead a horse......"
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    My Dream Beavers are pretty great in the yield department and the smoke is crushing!

    kds710 Well-Known Member

    guilty as charged haha I love the way you worded that though

    kds710 Well-Known Member

    scuffin em right now bro show me your girls if you got pics thanks for the info much appreciated
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    I lost a bunch of pics on my laptop due to a chipmunk incident but I'm pretty sure I posted them in this thread.
    Lemme see if I can find em. I need to save them to this comp anyhow

    Edit: Here ya go. Goji and SSDD are posted too
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    kds710 Well-Known Member

    almost insulting Bodhi's integrity to even say he might have got his 91 cut from someone who "might have got it from a cc pack" as if Bodhi is that wreckless in obtaining genetics, as if a pack of swerve's chem 91 skunk va is pure chem 91 smfh

    kds710 Well-Known Member

    very nice! seems people always include that detail of rankness/muskiness when describing the smell, makes plenty sense that he named the mother Dirty Hippy. Makes me picture a bunch of dread headed shirtless barefooted wooks kicking a hacky sack outside their tent at a festival on day 3
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    SAMMYB913 Well-Known Member

    what don't you people understand the whole point was that someone could have given them to him
    I'm not insisting anything just explaining my original observation
    "you can lead a horse.....

    GreenTools Well-Known Member

    I did not realize Barneys Farm was in the biz of distributing clones...thought they only sold unreliable fem seeds....as for the moniker "cookies kush" , there a fuck ton of random shit with that name.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Bodhi seems extremely open. His whole life construct is about honest and awake living. I have had questions on origins and just a little word association on the google will generally find an answer from the source. May be on a forum or a bank menu or review but knowable. Asking Bodhi would seem reasonable as he shows up on forums and elsewhere occasionally.

    High powered Bodhi in veg here (Space Monkeys, The Fuzz). Monkeys have extreme body odor. Be prepared. Really!

    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Bodhi really does go through a LOT of effort to ensure we know exactly what we're growing. Its to be appreciated, admired and defended if need be. That's all. No flames. Just honesty.
    And not for nothing, but anyone who's been to TnT or the Politic section knows how a flaming goes down.
    One of my DB has an overripe pineapple funk smell and the other....pheww...it has this offensive garlic/onion foul roadkill smell going on. My daughter said it smelled like an empty stall in a barn. Husband said the funk could "knock a buzzard off a gut wagon". o_O

    But it doesn't transfer to taste really. Its actually kinda nice and potent AF. I like em both a lot and if I were to let one go it would be the pineapple one. The other is just too unique to not keep around.

    I'm not sure how many packs are still available so if anyone sees em...grab em :-D
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    genuity ambition

    Been a min since I ran bodhi... think I'm going to run this pack of tigers milk..

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    I rarely go to politics anymore, I really don't wanna know anyone here's politics, If I want to do that I would go to a politic specific website, besides that its impossible to have a debate with all the trollls inhabiting the politics section, a lot nicer now tho since I put 5 or 6 of the worst trolls on ignore. lol

    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    It's been a clean thread from my time here. Honestly one of the main reasons I've went straight for B grows. Good vibes and great energy. All the people I've interacted with all over the world in this thread have been beyond amazing. So rare and great to see these days. If it's a absolute must know. Then why don't you just ask B man the question? I'm sure in the correct channels or in his available time/ which isn't much from the sounds of it he would be more than delighted to get it straight other than see internet conflicts going on in such a great thread. Bodhi isn't a hermit by any means. He stresses Communication over and over... So let's communicate (:

    apbx720 Well-Known Member

    Genuity in the house! Just popped a recent pack of tm myself and still running the lone female keeper. What u been running lately?
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    Doing a Strayfox/Bodhi grow when I get back from Vacation mid September. Joystick, Cobra Lips, Guava Slayer, and Smoking Mirrors. Gonna be fuego smello.

    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    No kidding! what have you been up too?! I'm sure all great things ;-)

    freewanderer04 Active Member

    Got my first pack of Bodhi today. Went with the Sky Lotus mainly because of the Skywalker OG. The seeds are tiny though and I got one extra. Not a big fan of super small seeds but as long as they pop IDC. Any other of his strains have tiny seeds?

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