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Blumats in Tupur

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by DesertHydro, Jan 9, 2018.


    gr865 Well-Known Member

    I would think in a soil grow they would be Tit's.
    Yeah Mike Sustainable Village is a cool spot, they are very helpful. One of the best things I got from them is the red 1/4" rubber tubing, that tubing works great. Hard to find rubber anymore.

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    Michael Huntherz

    Michael Huntherz Well-Known Member

    My first couple of grows were Blumats in soil, and they went really well. Excited to hook them up in coco for the first time, I tried it briefly a while back but had some flooding problems and went back to hand watering. This time I have some little homemade flood trays for backup.
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