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Discussion in 'Organics' started by ThcGuy, Jul 25, 2017.


    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    I am thinking of making the switch to organic super soil next grow but finding a good base soil is very difficult in Canada as Roots and Fox Farm are not available in Canada. Up until now you had a choice of making a base out of Promix or Sunshine Mix and even though they are good products, they are pretty much inert and need a lot of prep work to get them started. Or you could buy Miracle grow or Shultz soils.....ick!

    After endless Google searches I have found Bluesky-Organics based out of Vernon B.C. and they have an active super soil that I think could be on par with Roots and Fox Farms, maybe even better since Bluesky-Organics is designed specifically for cannabis cultivation. Also it sells in stores fairly close to me in Alberta.

    My question is has anyone used this product or heard of anyone that has? Would this be a good base to make Subcools super soil with? Can you guys & gals with the organic skills and knowledge take a second to check out this product and tell me if it looks good, any info would be greatly helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

    Link: https://www.bluesky-organics.com

    Johnei Well-Known Member

    Looking at it, I would say to try it.

    They seem to know wusup, as there is no blood meal or regular bovine bone meal in it, they use fish bone meal, there is coco added, and even their alfalfa is non gmo, one of the things I make sure when using the alfalfa. I like it. The only considerations would be price, and when first using new soil, the consistency of the mix bag to bag, also, does it need more perlite or not making determination before actual use. Looks good man. I wish this was available to me, If not use it as main base, at least dump a bag or two to fortify my mix. I would use this soil. I would try. Thumbs up grow bro.

    It has different forms of more quick release P, and long lasting P, different forms of N, Alfalfa triacontanol, good K from different ingredients, packed with long lasting micros/trace minerals from the Kelp/Rock dust.. microbe army composted forest material, worm castings, added Mycorrhizae, pH adjusters. I see nothing wrong with this soil only good.
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    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    This is an advertisement posted through a user @Johnei

    The language reeks of sponsored content.

    I used to do posts like this for Green Wizard nutrients on a different forum and this one. I got banned for spamming. Lol.

    Now I'm very anti-brand and try to pass on the education that we can build our own soil for cheaper, any company developing things specifically for cannabis is just trying to take advantage of ignorant consumers.
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    Johnei Well-Known Member

    @Rasta Roy What?

    This is my friend asking about a soil he found around him, and I took a look at it and it doesn't look bad if not wanting to mix your own. There are many reasons people may not want to mix their own. I don't knock it.

    I don't understand what you're saying. I am no shill sponsor for anybody. If you knew me at all or read more than just a few posts of mine you would know this. ThcGuy is good guy, fellow grower.

    (I have yet to find a premixed soil that does not contain blood or bone meal and this is one of the reasons I mix my own, yes the FishBoneMeal not organic, and using the feather meal not the best, but overall at first glance, not a bad mix in my opinion, if my opinion matters.)

    Coconut Fiber, Composted Forest Material, Feather Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Guano, Gypsum, Greensand, Kelp Meal, Mycorrhizae, Non-GMO Alfalfa Meal, Organic pH Adjusters, Peat Moss, Perlite, Rock Dust, Rock Phosphate, Soybean Meal, Wormcastings.
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    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    Johnei has been visiting my grow journal on a regular basis and helping me along with my current grow. It is my first grow in a very long time and I appreciate his help and kind words.

    Also he was the only one kind enough to give me his opinion on pretty much the only decent soil I can find in my area.

    I wish I was posting an ad for this stuff as I would probably be getting free product or a pay check from Bluesky. But unfortunately I am not.

    Also I don't know shit about growing in soil other than it makes your weed taste better and I think it's better for the environment.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    No disrespect sir! Lol, if anything take it as a compliment! Your question seemed too well written and worded to not be a marketing pull. You should be doing this for some companies! They don't always pay but they will send you free shit. You just gotta upload videos and blog about your grow with their products!

    From it's components list it seems like a decent enough soil, but quality is really determined in how the company handles its product (some companies send out soil that is still in the middle of composting)

    Sorry for my misconception friend!
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    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    If you have any compost or garden centers near you I can give you some tips on building your own soil at greatly reduced costs! But I understand the bagged ready to go soils are better if you don't have the space or desire to mix soil.
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    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    There are a few garden centres near me and I am willing to build my own soil I just noticed that quite a few guys were starting with some sort of base soil and amending it from there.

    My biggest concern is getting it right the first time, I don't want to be one of those guys who cook their plants in a mix that is too hot or have plants that are seriously lacking something that drastically reduces root and/or vegetative growth.

    Also cost is a huge concern for me as I haven't been able to work in quite a while.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    So I don't know what you have available to you, but I am fortunate enough to live in the great state of Michigan, which had a pretty big hobby garden market even before medical cannabis was legalized. We've got this great place called Horrocks that's a farmer's market/plant nursery and garden center.

    That's a 4 cubic foot bag of perlite ($12.99USD), two bags of fully composted cow manure ($2.39 a piece), and a compressed 3.8 cubic foot bale of peat moss ($10.99).

    That makes about 12 cubic feet of soil after you mix it all up and combine.

    Add some garden lime or dolomite lime (just no hydrated lime!), I prefer oyster shell flour if you can find,it but the lime is cheaper and more readily available. If you use coco coir instead of peat moss than I would use gypsum instead of the lime or oyster shell.

    Those things will give you a killer seed starting and seedling mix.

    Then for bigger plants and flowering you just need an organic all purpose fertilizer, one for annuals, vegetables, and tomatoes will hit the sweet spot you need. You do need to examine the ingredients though! Anything with poultry manure I would shy away from...it works fine for larger plants, but younger plants take over a week to adjust to the high N of the chicken shit.

    I'm a huge fan of the ingredients in the Down to Earth brand Bio-Live all purpose fertilizer but there's lots of other brands that have the same components!

    Alfalfa meal, crab shell meal, fish bone meal, Langbeinite, humates(aka humic acid), sulfate of potash, feather meal and things of that nature are what I would look for! Most of them cost somewhere from thirteen bucks to 20 bucks for a five pound bag that will mix into your 12 cubic feet and leave you with half a bag still to top dress and reamend future rounds with.

    That's 12 cubic feet of soil and all the fertilizer you need for two or more grows with it for around 50 bucks.

    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rasta Roy.
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    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    Roy is dispensing stellar advice as always. The only thing I would like to add is that the main driver of the soil is compost and it is often overlooked. Once you get your soil dialed in or you decide what bagged mix to get recycling an existing soil after your first harvest or before you begin your grow is very easy. Just add in the dry amendments you choose and some active organic material, let it set for at least a month. It gets better every time you do this and eventually your mix will reach supernatural status. In the meantime I suggest giving EWC teas and/or quickly available fertilizer like liquid fish.
    Don't worry so much about burning your plants; natural soils are very forgiving. Diversity is more important than ratios; adding small amounts of a wide range of materials is better than a whole lot of one single amendment. It is the organic material that provides the microbes that will feed off whatever amendments you add in.
    Worm castings IMO are the best form of active compost you can get and the fresher it is the better. Starting up a worm bin is the best investment you can make in your organic grow. Your soil can then be recycled into infinity for literally zero out of pocket expense. Was a total game changer for me.
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Look into Craigslist perhaps and see if you can't find anyone. I live in the middle of nowhere and didn't possibly think anyone could have anything like this going, multiple Google sources confirmed this as I only find websites to order from with outrageous shipping costs. I decided to check Craigslist for shits and giggles and actually found a guy selling a good soil blend for $60/cubic yard! Has a good list of ingredients, has lots of experience and from the questions he answered I could tell it would be a stellar mix. Worst case scenario I need to buy extra perlite, but at $60/cubic yard I'll take it! The guy is even willing to deliver it to me, over 150 miles away.

    You may just possibly find something similar on craigslist. I found my EWC that way when I lived in California, turned out they were not even 5 minutes away from my house and they had all the castings I could buy. Hope you find something though! :)
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    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    Ditto on the worm bin!
    Yep! If you live in mid-Michigan I'm that guy. We're on Facebook tho lol. I don't deliver either you gotta come pick it up, I don't have a truck yet!

    But we sell a few different soil blends, compost, castings, and organic fertilizers by the pound.

    We ain't fancy, you usually gotta bring your own containers, and our driveway is a two track through an empty lot that opens up into a field area where you can see our compost piles! But we are more than half the price of the grow store and our products are twice the quality.

    I was already buying and making this stuff in bulk for use in my gardens, I figured why not share the love and make a little money?
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Sounds exactly like what this guy has going on. I just wish I lived where you guys were living because I can't ever find a bag of Perlite for under $15 like that. Best I get is $20 at a hydro store if I want to drive that far out :p
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    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    The hydro stores around here try to get away selling it for $22 bucks a bag. But the nursery's and garden centers carry it for much cheaper.

    If I told you how much I pay when I get a truckload delivered you would pile drive your hydro store shop owner for charging as much as he does lol.
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    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info guys! I'm definitely going to transition to a soil/super soil set up in the near future. I guess I should get started on a worm bin asap.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    That was the exact route I went on actually. I was waiting on my tax return to buy all of my soil and other equipiment, so in the 4-5 months leading up to that I got myself some worm bins started. Started with a pound, then got another pound. Had two bins going and was harvesting roughly 1 cuft of vermicompost in each bin, was able to do this twice before it was actually time to mix my soil. With how worms reproduce it's a naturally expanding process unless you manage to get rid of all the extra worms :p

    Not only will you have your own vermicompost for your soil, but you should also have enough spare worms left over to put them in the pots you end up using as well. With enough time and effort it's entirely possible to maintain no till pots with just your worm bins depending on what you're feeding them.
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