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Blue lemon thai

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by tbyles, Mar 24, 2012.


    tbyles Member

    Has anyone ever grown this flavor and is the flavor as phenomenal as it sounds?

    JoshTheMadTitan Active Member

    I wouldn't recommend going on a strain because the name sounds good. The person who names the strain, names it that, because it sounds good. Also, I couldn't find a single review or mention of the strain online, so it could be new, in which case you won't get any answers here, or it could be just a bogus name, in which case you wont get any answers here, or it could just be under the radar.

    Asking here is always good, but you should couple it with some research online before you get a strain based on the name. either way good luck.

    tbyles Member

    im ordering from attitude seeds and it says that my order comes with some of those, which caused me to ask.

    grapesnowcone Well-Known Member

    Sounds good. Do you know the breeder?

    indicatoker420 Active Member

    I got one as a freebie yesterday with my outdoor seeds, i'm growing in the UK so I don't really expect it to go all the way to fully flower here but i'll still give it a shot it's only a freebie

    indicatoker420 Active Member

    Oh and the breeder is ch9 female seeds

    Bootfullofbuds Member

    [FONT=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]From what I read about it on ch9's website, it is a cross between motarebel's lemon Thai and Toxic blue. This is a fairly new strain, they say on the website "this hybrid will be ready by jan 5th 2012" so maybe this is the first batch of seeds. Who knows what kind of good or bad we could get from these free seeds, I got one too with my order along with ch9 green bud and greenhouse seeds the doctor.[/FONT]
    Brother Numsi

    Brother Numsi Well-Known Member

    This is what I got from Attitude today:
    5 Purple Trainwreck
    5 GrapeGod
    1 CH9 Cluster...free
    1 CH9 Jack...free
    1 CH9 Blue Lemon Thai...free
    1 CH9 Critical Mass 33...free
    1 EVA TNT Kush...free
    1 EVA Jamaican Dream...free
    1 EVA Monster...free

    The order shipped 3 April. They are great. I am waiting on a shipment from a lame Canadian distributor that they mailed on 26 Mar....sheesh. Attitude sent a number of freebies including the Blue Lemon Thai. A long time ago a friend got a freebie....Critical+ and it was terrific. I'm hoping for the best.

    talkwithSAMSON Member

    Sames I got some Purple power, sour d, jack herer and got the BLT and Jack as freebies....oh yeah, I got some master kush too!
    Cajun Grower

    Cajun Grower Active Member

    i bought 10 GDP's and i got a BLT a tnt kush, green bud, monster, jamaican dream and a critical mass 33 free soaked the BLT for 24hrs put it in FF's OCEAN FOREST sprouted in 2 days waitin on 2 GDP's to pop !

    SteelNuggets Member

    Im almost ready to harvest and one of my freebies was Blue Lemon Thai. It is great! awesome smell and tricones. Cant wait to try her out. I also have 3 OG Skywalker and one Critical Mass
    Old Dog New tricks

    Old Dog New tricks Well-Known Member

    Snapshot_20130120_2.JPG Snapshot_20130120_3.JPG Snapshot_20130120_6.JPG Snapshot_20130120_7.JPG Here are some pics. I know they suck, but only have computer cam. The smell is very lemony citrus, with a little sweet berry undertones. Last pic is how the look early in flower.
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    Old Dog New tricks

    Old Dog New tricks Well-Known Member

    Just realized my first post wasnt uploaded. It was about the blue lemon thai plant. thread looks pretty dead, so wont repost, but plant is awesome and big yielder. This 2.5 foot tall plant will yield about 4 oz

    D3monic Well-Known Member

    Its there and pics work. Thanks for an update on it. Looks pretty tasty but one of the looooong flowering girls. Am I right?
    Old Dog New tricks

    Old Dog New tricks Well-Known Member

    Not at all D3. Peter @ CH9 recommends harvest @ 7 weeks. I prefer another 7-10 days to give it a little more indica thump. Very fast plant. We run 5gal airpots with large drain pan. Use soiless medium(75%perlite 25% peat) Use res to hold run off like a hempy bucket. Water with homemade organic tea. We are @ 5 weeks flower and it takes one gal every 24-36 hours...big eater! Great plant! Added P.O.W.33 to lineup. Cant wait to try it!
    Old Dog New tricks

    Old Dog New tricks Well-Known Member

    We pulled the "BLT" @ 8 weeks exactly. This shit is beautiful!!! The colors are amazing! Buds are long, with that thai stick spiral pattern, but when you grab them, they are Dense As Hell.....and Everywhere! Smells just like Lemon Pledge furniture cleaner. Early smoke test(quick dry) very even buzz indy/sat, with a slight lean toward the thai buzz. Two nice hits had me on a nice "riding down the highway with the tunes turned up" kind of high. Very happy, but very peaceful. Nice, clean intake with a slight lemon exale. Never saw colors like this, very vivid dark green with lighter undertones, and orange to amber to almost brown hairs. Love this shit!
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    Old Dog New tricks

    Old Dog New tricks Well-Known Member

    Will post pics tonight. Have a better camera now.
    Old Dog New tricks

    Old Dog New tricks Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, the effects of the two tokes lasted for 1.5-2 hours. Not too bad.

    TalonToker Well-Known Member

    I had this strain (blt) going in my garden for almost all of 2012. It's is one of the most vigorous strains ch9 sells. I wouldn't have even tried it, but Peter (from ch9) sent me a few freebies as a gift for making so many previous orders. It is an incredibly high yielding plant, easy to grow and excellent taste. It provides a very strong, balanced high, too. I will def grow more BLTs when I have room.
    Old Dog New tricks

    Old Dog New tricks Well-Known Member

    #1.jpg #2.jpg #3.jpg #5.jpg Camera phone pics still sucks. Will post better ones soon. I dont know what the hell I'm doing with these pics. Plant is 26" tall and 24" wide. Looks to be about 4 oz give or take. Little Hulk!

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