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Blue Ice Cap weed..

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ovechkin8, Oct 14, 2008.


    ovechkin8 Active Member

    Last year i saw an impressive post with some good bud pics and i guess he dipped his stem in a mixture of blue food coloring and water right after he cut the limbs for drying then dried the bud and the buds turned light blue..anyone else remember this?

    Grade Well-Known Member

    didn't see the post but i know i did the same thing with some white flowers in primary school!!! turned them all sorts of crazy colours hah

    SteveDaSavage Well-Known Member

    Yea I remember the post. Only prob he said he smoked it and it tasted like shit. :bigjoint:

    supratt232 Active Member

    I remember reading that thread and the guy made posts when he dyed the bud, dried it, and then smoked it all within a week. I think drying + curing in < 7 days will make any bud taste gross, so Im gonna try it after I harvest with proper drying and curing to see how it comes out. Gonna use bright pink food coloring :bigjoint:

    ovechkin8 Active Member

    that sounds exciting keep me updated

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    DONT WASTE YOUR WEED ON FOOD COLORING. The post your talking about was recently brought back up, and the dude that tried it was our RIU buddy, FDD2BLK. He tried it, and even though it looked awesome, it burned disgusting and black, and it tasted like complete asshole. Dont do it, unless you wanna waste a perfectly good nug. Guys, the majority of us are growing dank anyways, and if your buyin your own seeds, and one of your concerns are the color or bag appeal of it, then buy a strain with blue or purp phenotypes, and grow that shit out to specs so it changes the proper color for you (ie, dropping the temps in the last couple weeks of flowering makes your purps turn purple, blues turn blue, ect..). Its not worth doin that shit. Unless your growin schwag, and you wanna do that to fool people into buyin your shit n thinkin its danky. Which is bad business in my opinion.

    DougBenson Well-Known Member

    what about if you dye your water? remember in school with the celery...you would split it in half about half way down and stick each end in food colored water and it would absorb it... just remove the dye from your watering schedule before you harvest just like nutes...

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    dude, your still using food coloring. The way it was done in that thread it WAS diluted in water bro. It just fucks everything up. My advice is this - if you HAVE to try this out for yourself, spend the bucks on some TASTY PUFF tobacco flavoring spray. the shit tastes pretty good, and its colored too. Just take a bottle of that, n dilute it, and do the same thing you would do with food coloring. That tastypuff shit is made so it doesnt change the way the weed burns, it just changes the flavor. But its colored to the flavor it is, so you could in theory do it n it would work. But dont use food coloring. if your gonna do it, do it the most probable way it would work for you without sacrificing any weed.

    poutineeh Well-Known Member

    if you have enough to spare, i guess try it, but be prepared for it to more than likely taste like shit

    DougBenson Well-Known Member

    I mean water the plant with the food coloring while its growing. not right bfore you dry it. sorry if i didn't make it clear. Also try natural food dyes like from whole foods. its usually just water and plant extract for color so it shouldn't be too bad. But that Tasty Puff deff. sounds pretty good too, especially if its already died.

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