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Blue Heaven

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Vasis, Feb 28, 2009.


    Vasis Active Member

    Does anybody know of any websites that ship this stuff to Aus?

    Vasis Active Member


    Vasis Active Member

    Does no one have any info on these seeds?
    What about a website that sells blueberry seeds? Also looking for them, just any strain that can result in blue buds really

    oldschool420 New Member


    Vasis Active Member

    Cheers man.

    Oldgrowerdude Member

    :leaf:Hi my name is Oldgrowerdude some what new to this site. I made the cross of Blue Heaven the parents were....

    BC Blueberry from BC seeds I picked a very short good potancy female

    the Father is a bushy med higth Blueberry cross with Barneys seeds "LSD" male

    Both strands are known for a numing high of 20%THC

    Ive been around for the last several years, if you google my screen name....im in the US by the way .....Cheers

    Oldgrowerdude Member

    I have found 3 breeding co's have a Blue Heaven with different strans used to cross with. So Im changing the name or adding to it to saperate my cross from the others.

    The name for those who recived seeds is Lone Star Blue Heaven

    Barney's LSD x BC BlueBerry :leaf::leaf::leaf::-P

    greenesthaze Well-Known Member

    so your trying to claim you made this blue strain? How long did it take you to make it stable? Have you had a lot of test runs with it and do you have any of the original seeds left?

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    yeah soma seeds does some great blueberry crosses if you want to mix it up.[​IMG] its an all around good strain for pain management.

    Oldgrowerdude Member

    It's really quite simple I took and grew out 6 BC Blueberry's female from BC Depo and picked out the best plant after it had been dryed and cured keep a cutting under 18 hours light on each plant, labled, I did the same with Barney's LSD on the same grow. It helps to have seperate veg and bloom rooms. I used the best male structly short and full and a the best female of the BCBB as far as buzz is concerned ....I never clamed to be a expert on hybirdizing weed I just read a lot about selection and tried it I have mailed out 10 growers seeds for free to grow it out and test it , It does have good lines....so what the f**K

    all i need is a address and a name if entrested....
    These are the original cross seeds .......

    Oldgrowerdude Member

    here's a pick of a LBH that a Friend in Canada who is raising the strand....the plant has never pinched....check it out
    I have recived feedback that the cross is very potent , with the help of another Grower in Canada we are stablizing the strand so we can in the the near future we will have a crop just for seed.
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