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Blue dream!!!

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by rd116, Jul 8, 2010.


    jon. Active Member

    Ya that's some dank, but has anyone here ever had Moroccan hash plant? thats some dank haha or Humboldt snow

    deprave New Member

    Smoked blue dream recently had a quarter ounce from the club and it looks like the ops picture pretty much exactly......Great smoke exactly as decribed, hits you quick, doesnt make you tired, and last awhile....

    You take one or two hits and then you forget about it and start doing something else lol

    Very good bud - I had at the same time AK47 from the same grower and I enjoyed it much more then the AK47

    I smoked it with an amatuer smoker who said it was the best bud he ever smoked (he has only been smoking for 2 years and smokes like once a week)

    Put the last of it in a vape and got giggly stoned and I NEVER get giggly from mj anymore ....

    very happy pleasent weed no paranoia

    fiveyoedsloth Active Member

    sounds kiinda like you were you were talking shit.

    lol jon definitely wins biggest douche of the thread award...

    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    pure ak gets blue like jons pic ..which looked like what i would think blue dream to look like.looks like green dream every time ive seen it.i smoked the haze kind and it has a high that last long as hell.

    jfa916 New Member

    blue dream is bomb

    FuzzyHaze Member

    I had blue dream once and it was green as well.
    mary cha

    mary cha Member

    My hair turned blue right now. My socks and curtains are blue. It's not green, but blue dream tonight.

    Hogg Active Member

    Nice report mayne! Dont ley the kiddies discourage you with their ignorance (just cause the bud has been photoshoped elsewhere doesnt mean all the phenos will look the same lmao), great job!

    STZ Active Member

    Grown lots of the 'Dream both inside and outdoors and never had a dark blue/purple one at all. Every well-grown blue dream nug I ever saw was really light green with a very light blueish tinge.

    iPushKush Active Member

    All I've had is blue dream all summer, and it is not purple, at all. It's very light green, and smells like blueberry. The high is great, I mean it just makes you feel happy and euphoric all day, but I got bored of this bud really fast for some reason. It looks spectacular when you look beneath the leaves, it's pretty much pure white for all the crystals, but it's a leafy sativa bud structure. Nevertheless, great bud to have around all the time.

    superbak3d Well-Known Member

    My Review of "Blue Dream"

    Genetics : Blueberry x Super Silver Haze

    Appearance: Light green with LOTs of frosting, trichs 75% Milky 25% Amber

    Smell: Moderate smell with fruit-like scent

    Taste: Very sweet and smooth on the inhale with a fruit-like taste. The exhale is a harsh earthy aftertaste with a light spice to it.

    Potency : High.

    Duration : Long

    Value : $20/g

    Comments : Got my hands on some "Blue Dream" the other day, and Ive gotta say I love it. It has a very unique smell that isnt overwhelming when smoking. Hits are fairly rough and earthy on the exhale when smoking out of any non-filtered device. I recommend using a bong or vape for this strain for more friendly tokes.

    Effects are noticeable after the first 2 hits. The initial high is very uplifting. This strain will put a smile on your face and make you giggle. After the initial high, should you indulge in this strain some more, a body high becomes more dominant. Eyes become very red and heavy. You may experience moments of time-lapse and brain lock. Yes brain lock. This strain will have you standing in the middle of your kitchen at 2am while you say to yourself "Why the hell am I in the kitchen?!"

    Little to no hangover side effects present. Sleeping is great on this strain, and when you wake, you feel very relaxed and energized. There is no burn out feeling the next day. Since its a nice uplifting strain, it makes it a good choice for wake n bakes since it wont make you crash 20min after smoking.

    Rating : I give this strain 5 out of 5. Great looks, smell, taste, high, and duration. Has everything you could need in a strain, and its apparent why "Blue Dream" is a top favorite for those who've gotten to smoke it.

    bajafox Well-Known Member

    Only Blue Dream I've seen in San Diego looks like the OPs pic...

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