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BLUE DREAM indica dominant phenotype

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Clementscr, Jan 9, 2018.


    Clementscr Member

    My current grow is a green crack and blue dream.(HSO) my question is this...Have any experienced BD grower ever seen or heard of an indica dominant pheno of blue dream.i have only seen sativa dominance in this strain 20180106_172451.jpg 20180107_045114.jpg 20171231_140811.jpg 20180101_001603.jpg
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    it's a bit early she will probably change up when she gets older I'm not sure what hso uses to get their blue dream I think the clone only is a Santa Cruz haze -x- DJ shorts blueberry

    bobqp Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had an indica blue dream from hso. The people who sampled it didn't like it at all. Never heard anything nice about the indica dominant blue dream. If you get the sativa dominant one in the future it should be a keeper. I threw the blue dream strain away. A lot of people seem to love it but not me. Maybe it might turn out to be very potent. Hope it does. Cheers Bob.
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    Clementscr Member

    Week 2 veg. No changes yet but I hope it turns out to be a descent yield. 20180113_224609.jpg 20180113_104450.jpg
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    Clementscr Member

    Jane Eyl

    Jane Eyl New Member

    you got a point there
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    Clementscr Member


    Clementscr Member

    Just an update..this is my 2nd grow btw.so I'm really in the learning phases.hoping some of you veterans would leave comments and advice.
    Week 3 veg.4th day of LST. 20180122_090946.jpg 20180122_091000.jpg 20180122_082523.jpg 20180122_091053.jpg 20180122_091035.jpg
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    macsnax Well-Known Member


    Clementscr Member

    I would prob agree with what I see from Hso.i purchased HSO green crack (5) and got 1 free BD.but so far no trouble w these genetics. they feed at full strength .no toxicity.so I'm cool .u know how things go wrong so quick though.next grow will be the same strain( jack herer) i just couldn't help myself i wanted to pop thay blue dream bad.thanks for your comments
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    Tito#1 Well-Known Member

    Looking good man:leaf: when r u planning on flowering them girls.
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    looking good.. clem..
    far as your indica looking bd. like herk had said it's abit early to tell .. I had doctor green thumbs endless sky which I believe it's like 90% sativa but when they were young they looked like indicas but as they got older and transitioned to flowering they really started looking sativa dominate.. so there's a chance these could start looking sativa later on.. or they could just be indica dominate.. I have no experience with hso seeds so we'll just have to wait and see eh!.
    your doing good for your second grow so keep it up and keep them green..:mrgreen:
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    Clementscr Member

    Working on scrog .hope it will fill in the next 2 weeks.then I will flip em
    Hope to fill up a scrog in the next 2 weeks then will flip em
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    I know your running HSO Blue Dream and you will get many phenotype variations as this is the nature of the seed. And we all know real BD is a clone only with very sativa like leaves and structure..originating from Santa Cruz. That being said....these photos are so light years away from anything even resembling real Blue Dream...its no wonder why people/growers respond like they do when seed companys sell knockoffs of the same name. What you have should most definitely be called something else. There is nothing indica in looks about real Santa Cruz Blue Dream
    ...at all. No offence. Btw...nice frikin plants man. Whatever it is..looks good.

    Clementscr Member

    Thanks for all comments ppl.just an update. 20180125_093638.jpg 20180127_055255.jpg week 4 veg.

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    9DRAGONS Member

    clean and happy plants. blue dream sound lovely strain, what the plants smell like?
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    Clementscr Member

    Not much smell on blue dream yet but the other is getting very stinky.lemony sweet smell

    9DRAGONS Member

    sound really nice, are you hoping that the blue dream, has a little haze coming through in the smoke?

    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Looking very nice mate
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    Clementscr Member

    At this point I'm just hoping that is blue dream lol

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