Blue Cheese and Sour Diesel

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    4th day of 12/12 and im just starting to see signs of female plants. I have 4 blue cheese female seeds from bug budda and a sour diesel seed that i found. i have been watching this plant very carefully to make sure its not male. i think i have a few more days...My question is why are some of my leaves buring. the blue cheese are the burt leaves pics and the sour diesel are the yellowing leaves. I have all 5 plants in the same DWC set up. IM running a 1000 watts. the ppm in side the tank is at 410 now..when i give it nutz 650...should i cut these leaves off or will that stress the plant to much right now with the change...why is this happen....


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    bran1981 Well-Known Member

    That doesn't look like a burn, it looks more like a deficiency.
    That 5hit

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    i second that
    over all i would not sweat it over worring it may cause a worst problem wait it out see what happen the problem may clear itself up or may be small enuff to not matter

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