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Bloom booster???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by wayne greenairy, Dec 21, 2006.

    wayne greenairy

    wayne greenairy Active Member

    I have been comparing miracle grow- Bloom Booster, with jacks classic- blossum booster. I am trying to decide if I can get away with miracle grow (That I can buy at home depot) versus ordering jacks classic seeing that I cant find it at a store. Are you guys totally against miracle grow? I'm just looking for a second opinion. Thanks for any help. WG

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Some people use it without problems but I wouldn't. Just my opinion.

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't either. wait, I would use it on some things. I think it was originally made for roses. I would use it on that, but not on the trees!

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    I think Vi swears by jack's stuff. never used it personally, but he puts it against my foxfarm and that speaks volumes for itself there.

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    as far as a bloom booster is concerned, I like cha ching.

    Indica Active Member

    Just take a nice crap next to your plant! That'll make the bud bigger!
    wayne greenairy

    wayne greenairy Active Member

    Thanks for all the help. It says bloom booster is for all flowering plants but I have until feb. before I decide. Oh yeh, nice one indica, with the crap next to the plant. I'll be sure to try that. J/k Thanks again. WG

    FallenHero Guest

    MC grow i believe leaves a salt buildup in your soil and your buds too. yuck?.

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    I switched to Jacks a few years ago and it is now my favorite. However;
    I have grown at least a dozen crops with both Peters and Miracle Gro.
    I think the problem in using these ferts is that lots of growers over fertilize....
    A little of this stuff goes a very long way. I like to feed with each watering.
    If growing indoors I use only 1/2 to full teaspoon of powder with 1 gallon of water. Dosage depends on growth rate, lighting, etc. Start off with smaller amount and increase as needed. Watch your plants carefully and you will develop a "6th sense", in knowing how much to give each plant!

    Another problem with these products is not flushing enough before harvest.
    I like to use nothing but pure water for the last week or so before harvest. And then I flush with tons of water a couple days before cutting down.
    This definitely improves flavor!

    Peters Super Blossom Booster 10-50-10
    Miracle Gro Bloom Booster 15-30-15
    Oh, I forgot to mention, of the two, I prefer the Peters
    wayne greenairy

    wayne greenairy Active Member

    I have decided to go ahead and use jacks to save me any doubts but 1 last thing. I will be flushing the plants before switching to blossum booster so do I start using BB when I see buds developing or a specific time after they bud? What would be the best time to start administering? thanks for all the help. WG

    FELONIOUSCARPO Active Member

    I was reading and I dont recall who said it but they were talking anput boiling water and brown sug and useing that as nuts at least that is what I made out of it is that true?

    lookout Active Member

    From what I have read Fox Farm nutes seem to be very popular.

    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    as of 3 days ago i have been using MG Bloom food, seems to be doing wonders. My plants are 24 days old, been on 12/12 for 5 days now. I know there young to flower but each plant is between 6-9 nodes now. I was feeding with basic MG but as i said 3 days ago i switched to MG Bloom and in 3 days my plants have grown about 1 inch in height and have gotten so much wider. My taller plants are around 6-6 1/2 with 9 nodes and around 7-8- inches in width so i would say the MG Bloom is a nice product when working on a budget. Was gonna go with Shutlz drops but when i compared the N.K.P. value from that to mg bloom, the mg food just seemed so much better. Time will tell but so far so good ;-)

    hooked.on.ponics Well-Known Member

    I can't believe anyone actually uses MG as a bloom booster. I mean when you think about all the infinitely better stuff that's so easily available it just doesn't make sense not to use it. You can drop a couple mothballs in your gas tank and make your car go really fast for a lot cheaper than actually beefing up your motor, and you might not even blow the motor the first or second time you do it. But it's just a bad idea.

    Miracle Gro is fine if you don't know any better or you don't care about your plants. The flowers in front of the house, sure, MG is perfect since you're not gonna be chowing down on them later (I hope). Some bargain basement bloom booster is fine for them because nothing matters there but how it looks.

    Seriously. Start two plants and grow them right next to each other under the same light, same conditions, etc. Grow one using MG and one using a real fertilizer. Treat yourself, buy some AN or something. I'll even push the "fantasy mode" button and pretend that the AN bloom boosters won't quite obviously make that plant bigger and denser. Just comparing the taste alone... that's all you have to do.

    earlymorninstonepeomp Well-Known Member

    is plant food is plant food is plant food.......no secret ingredient in the stoner friendly nutes...just a jacked up price. I've used MG products exclusively for the last 3 grows with no difference from when i used the overpriced advanced nute products.

    earlymorninstonepeomp Well-Known Member

    an advanced nutes stockholder. A "real" fertilizer ??? .....is MG an "unreal" fert ??? Go ahead and post 1 thing that makes your "real" fert soooo much better than Mg, Peters or Shultz. Its plant food. Nitrogen is nitrogen, phosphate is phosphate etc,etc,etc. Is it the stoner friendly name ???? The glossy pictures on the container ???? Or do you feel that if you pay $10 for one product and 50 for another that it only makes sense the more expensive is better ???? A good flush is all thats needed for good taste. If you're growin quality weed the nutes have no bearing on taste or potency as long as you're doing everything else right.

    NotMine Well-Known Member

    hey if you have a HD you have an ace hardware right? they carry Alaska MOOR-BLOOM it's 0-10-10, cheap as MG, but organic:eyesmoke:bongsmilie works good watch your PH though, they sell other interesting stuff to.

    hooked.on.ponics Well-Known Member

    LOL. I'm as much an AN stockholder as you are a MG stockholder. Though you're definitely taking this all a lot more personally, so you may well be...

    Sure, but fertilizers aren't pure nitrogen, phosphate, or whatever. They're made up of chemical compounds that dissolve in water. Different compounds dissolve at different rates. Plus there's buffers, chelators... there's more to it than just the NPK. But you knew that, right?

    The shear volume of plant physiology and chemistry involved with selecting one ingredient over another is staggering.

    It's very entertaining, I'm sure, to attribute all the people who say MG is crap to some vast corporate conspiracy. There's probably another corporate conspiracy behind our belief that the Earth is round and the sky is blue.

    Or maybe it's because those things are really true.

    Just because a lot of people say something doesn't make true, but it doesn't make it false either.

    That's pretty much true, but if your nutrients just plain suck - they don't have the right stuff, have it in the wrong proportions, or have the wrong stuff added in as well - you're not going to get as good a product at the end. Yes, I've seen some very nice plants grown (at least according to the claims of the grower) with MG stuff. But for every one of those plants I've seen at least 50 burned little sticks.

    You can probably hit a home run with a hockey stick if you swing at enough pitches. But if you want to hit a home run the only logical tool to pick up is a baseball bat.

    earlymorninstonepeomp Well-Known Member

    Of the one thing I've noticed the most since I've taken the hobby online. You and a slew of other fail to recognize one very important point. You are growing a WEED. Period. When some of the finest green I've smoked, is growing OUTSIDE, there is no one there balancing the ph, there are no 26 part "nutrient solutions" nor is there anyone making those nutes easier for the plant to ingest." Sensi Bloom" Pts A and B shit like that, that has a $40=50 price tag....waste of money. Feed the plant, be it corn dogs or caviar its gonna grow. And grow big and strong and full of resin. Yeah you can buy the overpriced nutes with the cool labels.You can even get into the hydrocarbon secretions of plant life, or fractional distillation but it won't make your WEED any bigger or more resinous....Kinda like hydroponics. Lots of bells and whistles but in the end just that. Nothing personal at all. I'm just saying gimme a bag of dirt, a basic nute, a lotta light and some ventilation. You can overthink and overcomplicate juuuust about anything...but whats the sense. In the end my bowl will get you juuuust as high as yours. :peace: & goodwill my friend. Nothing like a good back and forth between growers.

    hooked.on.ponics Well-Known Member

    If it didn't work people wouldn't do it.

    I'm not trying to say that hydroponics, AN, or anything else is the only way to grow. All I'm saying is that if you want reliable results you gotta control certain variables. The less you leave to chance the more you can duplicate it time and time again.

    As long as we live in a world where you can't plant this stuff in your backyard in full view we can't really let Mother Nature do her thing as well as we'd like, which means we're taking over her job by bringing them indoors or hiding them in spots that maybe aren't ideal growing conditions. We gotta make up the difference if we want the same quality results.

    Yeah, you can smoke wild weed. You can eat a lot of stuff that isn't cultivated by man.

    And stuff grown cheap may very well grow just as potent as what I can grow. I'm no master grower, but I do okay. But if we want to talk about weight per plant or per light, per watt, or whatever other measurement you want to talk about I'd bet that 9 times out of 10 the guy who's not pinching pennies is gonna be the one with the the most jars of bud curing.

    There'll be anomalies, there always are. Some guy with a bucket of dirt he dug up in the back yard with some bag seed that he pees on is gonna get a pound once in awhile and another guy doing it "right" is gonna get squat. It happens. But as a rule that's not what we expect to see, and there's a good reason for that.

    Whether you grow in hydro or soil, inside or out, the guys who put the most into it are going to be the guys that get the most out.

    You reap what you sow, right?

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