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Black Spots on me leaves! Help please!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by tomatogrowop, Jan 17, 2011.


    tomatogrowop Active Member

    Ok I noticed these black bruised looking spots on my leaves. They are not pests as far as I know. Maybe some type of mold or maybe they are because I let these shrubberies dry up for a day or two. :-(

    Also it could be from too high of humidity it was 65% humidity in their stealth veg dome.

    The black spots aren't on the bottom of the leaves just the tops, and they feel dry and some of the lower leaves are yellowing a bit. Maybe I need to feed them? I backed off because I thought they were burning.

    Another reason perhaps this tub I'm using is not good I have other greenhouse trays but moved them into this clear tub because it was bigger.

    I have fungus gnats in my flower tent but none in this veg dome so I've been hitting these little babies hard with neem like 3 times a week at least. I've only foliar fed them a little in the last 2 weeks.:weed:

    Any suggestions welcome I'm going to nute them and see what happens over the next few days. :leaf: Tomato grow op 021.JPG Tomato grow op 012.JPG Tomato grow op 004.JPG Tomato grow op 007.JPG Tomato grow op 020.JPG Tomato grow op 009.JPG Tomato grow op 023.JPG Tomato grow op 005.JPG Tomato grow op 017.JPG Tomato grow op 013.JPG Tomato grow op 006.JPG Tomato grow op 018.JPG Tomato grow op 014.JPG Tomato grow op 011.JPG Tomato grow op 019.JPG Tomato grow op 008.JPG
    Mrs. Robinson

    Mrs. Robinson Active Member

    Phosphorus....deficiency during veg. dont go to crazy with the neem, you will suffocate what there is of the roots. If you got gnats in there, you are in for a real treat, i will tell you that.
    The dark dead spots result form the stomata not being able to function properly which results in cell tissue dying and turn gray or black.Could also be phosphorus toxicity.....
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    wyteberrywidow Global

    Damn thanks for that answer because i didnt know what top tell him.i never experienced that
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    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    I never go more than 1/6 of what the ferts say per gallon of water. In my flood and drain table it's one day fresh water, four days ferts then change the water. I use the spent water from my budders for my moms.

    tomatogrowop Active Member

    I dropped some BTI larvacide in there just a bit ago, but I haven't seen any gnats flying in this tray. Although I did see a few dead gnats floating in the bottom. I'll lay off the neem I think that may be part of the issue.

    I actually just read another post where a user had used too much neem and the leaves looked curled and had black spots on them just like mine.

    Most of the yellow leaves were at the bottom I don't even know why I took a picture of them when that's kinda normal. thanks!
    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    If you look closely at the upper leaves you will notice that the fert levels are just a tad high.

    tomatogrowop Active Member

    I agree I think it may be more than just one problem. I think it may have been my tap water that has a ppm of 460ppm and 340ppm through a brita filter. I used store-bought water with 9ppm and actually ph'd the water correctly this time.

    I failed to mention that 3 of these little clones were used to find sex then reverted back to veg, and they look really weird (really green, small twisty leaves all bunched up kinda like a baby palm tree, and lots of nute burn) the rest are normal green and have a bit of yellow and a few black spots. I'm going to just water with pure ph'd water for the rest of the week. if any more burn or spots show up in the next 2-3 days I'll flush them real good with ph'd water.

    I think all in all they will survive just fine. This strain is really resilient. I wish I knew what it was. it smells kinda skunky in veg like a bowl of warm spinach soup and in flower it smells like nothing unless you rub your fingers on it and then it smells like chocolate mixed with really sexy sativa medicine smell

    Punk Well-Known Member

    Good job on the detailed photos, btw.

    Tap water is a bitch sometimes. If your tap is really alkali, you have to usually hit it twice with the ph down over a period of 3-4 days to get it finally stay put.
    Mrs. Robinson

    Mrs. Robinson Active Member

    Well tomato....you have come up with a good solution, but jesus, dont get carried away with the flushing, them things need to breathe.You may be on to something though....cool.

    tomatogrowop Active Member

    I flushed flushed and still they look like they are still yellowing. I'll let them be and just give them straight ph'd water for a bit.

    zubey91 Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to get that on my plant as well.. not as bad as yours.. i ended up flushing then watering with Molasses.. I'm waiting til saturday to nute it with Blooming nutes. I'm hoping the molasses will hold the spread until the soil dries out more.

    tomatogrowop Active Member

    I think it's under control now. This strain can take a hell of a beating and keep on going its very sturdy strain. I'm thinking it's a combination of low humidity and over nuting..possibly from swings of humidity from low to high damaged them. it seems to be getting better after the flush the one male clone I'm saving for some seeding has stopped looking dark and like a palm tree. I think the dark color is from the strain, when I took it out of flower it stayed dark. .
    pouya dataki

    pouya dataki New Member

    hi bro .. i have the same problem right now ... :( ... What finally happened to the plant?
    Kentucky Blue-Grazz

    Kentucky Blue-Grazz New Member

    Mine has done the same thing. What is the actual cause , and how can I fix it. I thought it may have been were I brought it outside and it was use to the sun. But now I am leaning more to it being not enough of something. So if u can help me I really appreciate it. Here is a pic
    Kentucky Blue-Grazz

    Kentucky Blue-Grazz New Member

    I hope I put the pic on here

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    CC Dobbs

    CC Dobbs Well-Known Member

    Phosphorus deficiency. Too much neem works as a growth suppressant. Try Gnatrol for the fungus gnats. Over and out..

    Doski Active Member

    Lol her I was getting ready to reply and realized this thread is 4 years old. Anyway.

    The humidity was way to high, not mention swinging up and down. He had a nute burn. This was most likely because he also mentioned he was foliar feeding along with his nutes, which unless your IMO a pro at you should fkk around with at all. The picture with the yellow leaf and the younger growth says most. The older leaf being affected will not recover and would have been spent and dropped by the plant soon anyway. The younger growth shows nute burn which tells you there is no way a N def.

    As for your black necrotic spots. I have no clue.

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