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Black Oil Finger Hash Using Rubbing Alcohol.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Humboldt, Sep 3, 2007.


    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    Black Oil & Finger Hash - Using Rubbing Alcohol.

    Note: This method is not recommended for high quality bud or trim, this method is for making weak weed into a more potent smoke.

    These methods of making hash works and is effective however if not patient and done right you will waste your time and weed, I recommend trying small amounts until you get the hang of it.

    What You Will Need Is,

    1. At Least Three Quarters of a Brain.

    2. Some Weed - leaf (using trim/bud for this method not recommended) this method is for leaf.

    3. Glass Jar with lid - size depends on how much weed you want to convert, I recommend using a small relish jar for your first batch and graduate when you feel you've got the process down.

    4. Isopropyl99% Pure Rubbing Alcohol - if you are wanting to produce mass amounts denatured alcohol also works well and is much cheaper by the gallon.

    5. Old T-shirt (cotton preferred, no cutting required)

    6. Pyrex Glass Pan -blue brown clear it doesn't matter, however I prefer the clear.

    7. One Sheet Wax paper - or you can store in straws for easy dispense and longer lasting.

    8. Spoon & Knife - small flat spreading knife works best.

    Step 1. Take the lid off the jar and drill or puncture 4 holes for breathing.

    Step 2. Take your weed stems everything it doesn't matter and fill your jar to the top leaving about a half inch of space, Do not cut or chop the weed, if there are stems to big simply remove them.

    Step 3. Pour the rubbing alcohol into the jar covering all the weed put on lid and store in well ventilated place, a garage cabinet will work fine.

    Let sit for at least 24 hours (longer the better) after about 12 hours you'll see that the alcohol is starting to turn a blackish green color open the jar stir with your spoon smashing the weed to the bottom and sides of the jar, put the lid back on and let sit for the remainder of the 24 hour period, naturally the longer you let sit the darker the alcohol will become and the end results will be greater.

    When you feel you let the mixture sit long enough, grab your Pyrex pan and old shirt, spread the shirt over the pan covering it with the neck, sleeves and the waist outside the pan, then poor your mixture into the shirt see examples bellow.

    Note: That I do not have all the ingredients to show you the actual process so I'm going to do my best by using some examples, when I get all the ingredients and a better camera I will do a proper step by step.




    After you've drained the slush into the shirt you then want to grab the shirt by the neck ,sleeves and waist folding them over the slush, lift the shirt up over the pan, twist and squeeze out all the liquid into the pan, twist and squeeze until there's not a drop left,


    Dispose of the now useless slush and shake out shirt, then carefully place back over the pan but make sure the shirt does dot touch the liquid, do so by nicely folding the excess of the shirt under the pan, finely put back into cabinet and let sit until all the alcohol evaporates out and starts to become thick syrup like, once it's about the consistency of codeine cough syrup your done.

    Storing Your Hash Oil - take a sheet of the wax paper and shape it into a desired size cone, fold one end and pour your syrup into the cone and fold the other end as tight as possible, keep in mind that wax paper is only temporary in time and exposure to air your oil will turn hard as a rock, you might want to find another method for storing large amounts, it's possible to use Gerber baby jars.

    This Is What Happens When Left Out,


    To help prevent the oil from turning into a solid, I'm going to show you
    something that seems to work pretty good, it's nothing new and this trick has been around for awhile.

    First you will want to take out a straw from your collection of straws in your drawer or run to the nearest convenient store, burger king, McDonalds etc. find an empty cassette tape case, that is if you can find one, I had a hard time myself, you can use it to seal the bottom of the straw and cap, if you can't find a case try to find a thick cd case, if all else fails pinch the straw with your fingers and take the flame of your lighter quickly melt the end of the straw.


    Cut the the straw about the length of the cd case, should look something like the image bellow,


    Put the straw inside the case with the very end sticking out and quickly burn the end of straw it should seal without having to pinch it avoiding burning your fingers, it should look something like this,


    Now Take It Out, Should Look Something lLke This,


    Now you will need a tight fitting cap, cut a piece of the straw approx. half inch to an inch then place it in the case and seal one end, after making sure its a good seal take a standard Phillips screw driver should be the right size for the average straw, make sure the head of the crew driver is larger than the straw see image bellow,


    Heat the end of the driver with a Pencil torch or your Zippo lighter, if you don't have any of those then a plain Bic should do the trick however it will take longer, after heated gently force the driver into the open end of straw should look something like this.


    If all went well you should be able to place the cap snug over the straw and it should be air tight provided there are no holes in your straw, it should look something like the this,



    Now all you have to do is pour your oil into the straw or straws, then cap and store them, when your ready for a smoke simply take of the cap and squeeze the straw/tube just like you would toothpaste, right into your pipe or try smothering some on a rolling paper.

    See It Comes Right Out,


    Place The Cap Back And Stash!


    Speeding Up The Process,

    Warning! The Following Process Is Extremely Dangerous, Patients Is a Virtue!

    Since this is a process of evaporation it does take time, it could take well over a week, however if you are inpatient and brave you can speed up the process extremely by heating the pan by placing it on an electric burner NEVER FIRE/GAS use portable burner and do your cooking in a well ventilated room, again a garage will do, but make sure all windows are open, it wouldn't be a bad idea to leave the garage door open at least a quarter of the way, set the burner to the lowest setting possible, basically let it simmer,

    Do Not Leave un attended and do not over cook it will burn and that's not good, if it does burn it will still be more potent than before you started, but it will taste like crap.

    Black Finger Hash - I call it finger hash because when your done you will be able to roll it and play with it in your fingers without making a sticky mess unlike the oil, it's kind of like Playdoh.

    Now if you want finger hash, just do the oil hash steps above except when it turns syrupy ad some keif to it and mix thoroughly using your small flat spreading knife, the keif acts like flour for making dough, keep adding keif until you get the texture you desire.

    Storing Your Finger Hash - plop it into a film/pill bottle or simply put it in a Ziplock bag.

    Click Here To Learn How To Make keif - hash

    Again I through this tut together right quick becuase I've been noticing people are asking about ways to make hash. I did my best considering what I had to work with, when I get a better camera and some ingredients I will be posting better tuts.

    I do hope you don't find this tut confusing, but if you do feel free to send me a PM (personal message) through this board.

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    zechbro Well-Known Member

    any danger from the alcahol residue in the hash giving you some nasty fumes?

    floatboat Active Member

    Great thread dude!

    Gonna try this soon! Is there something other than keef that can be mixed with the oil to make it handleable. Something readily available?

    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    Yeah you'll get nasty fumes, that's why you want to put it in a well ventilated room and if you let all the alcohol evaporate out then there will be no more fumes.

    Thanks, I don't know of anything else you could substitute with the keif, however a friend of mine mixed something called pine sap with his and it turned out pretty good and tasty. Worked well with knifes!

    bluewizard Well-Known Member

    pine sap? the stuff that comes out of pine trees? that's one of the least likely hash ingredients i've ever heard of.. I wonder what drove anyone to try that out?

    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    I don't know maybe the same reason that drove a person to use their own urine for feeding (they say it works!) I really don't know what it was but it had the words pine and sap in it, what ever it was it wasn't that bad and it made the hash taste better and more manageable. therefor I do not know of any subtistute for keif and I threw this out there in case somebody has ever heard of something like it.

    Apparently Not!

    darknight Well-Known Member

    I can say from past experience that the alcohol method works very very well. me and a friend had a couple ounces of stems, which we put in a jar, and then used a air pump from a fish tank, running the hose down through a hole in the lid into the jar to areate the mix, until we had is so the liquid was black and the stems were bleached bone white, losing all of their thc. then we used the heating method by putting the dish on a old casserole heating pan, and slowly cooked off the alcohol and when we were done, we scraped up everything and it looked like some really kewl green pollen. needless to say, the next few nights with candles, blacklights, and the beatles were awesome!
    The 420 Wookie

    The 420 Wookie Active Member

    Just remember! The longer your mixture sits in the alcohol the more chlorophyll and plant matter that will be in your oil. Personally, I do it for no more than 30 seconds of swirling, the t-shirt Idea is great! You defiantly don't want white stems coming out, think of what your smoking!! If you do it right, your liquid should have a nice golden tint to it, might look like piss. You can leave it to evaporate or double boil, or just put on something warm. Remember, Iso IS flammable and if your stupid your going to kill yourself.

    SailentShadow Active Member

    So if I've got a nugget around like, 4 grams or w/e that's approx. 5" long... would I be able to just put it in the jar the same kinda way, but soak it? or is it ONLY for leafs and stems...?

    Thanks man!

    bonze309 Well-Known Member

    could you use a male plant and does it hav to be cured out or can it be green

    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, No I wouldn't go wasting any decent bud using this method, also you can try using males but it should be dry before hand, however it will probably be a waste of your time, I don't know never tried with males.

    PS: If trying to use bud I would recommend cutting it up some before soaking...

    KillerGreenBud(K.G.B.) Active Member

    fuck rubbing alcohol use "PGA" or Pure Grain Alcohol , if ya wouldn't drink it i damn shure wouldn't smoke it.......

    110100100 Well-Known Member

    Everclear or grain alcohol has a higher water content than 99% rubbing alcohol so it leaves more water after it evaporates. The alcohol evaporates completely so you're best using 99% rubbing. It's totally safe as long as you let it all evaporate.

    Hash oil is also known as honey oil because it should be a nice golden color. Green or black is not what you want, that's just more crap you're smoking that is doing nothing good for you. Almost all the THC is produced in those sticky little mushroom looking glands that grow on the bud and leaves. THC dissolves very quickly in alcohol so there is no need to soak the shit out of it like you suggest. Yeah you'll get a lot less material when it's done but trust me it's not crap you want to be smoking anyway.

    Budsterboy Active Member

    Hey, i hard packed a jar to the top with full leaves i plucked of my mothers, its like a jungle downstairs so i thought id give those a shot. So now theyve been soaking in alcohol for 5 hours and the alcohol is very vibrant, dark green.

    Anyway, will leaves from a mother have any drug content?

    OldSkoolPervert Member

    Right now i have three quart jars full of leaves and alcohol i've never tried it before so i dont really know what to expect another cheap and easy way is to do the blender method whick i also did today. im still letting them settle but there is between a 1/4 and 1/2 inch of golden thricome goodness at the bottom of each of the 6 jars

    tommy240sx Member

    Would it be okay to 91% alcohol?

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    Cool man, nice one.
    Im gonna try this with 5 grams of cheap weed.
    see how it goes!

    RollOneUpHomie Member

    What about corn starch instead of keef?

    NattyDread1978 Member

    that sounds easy as hell. def gonna try that

    Gioganja Active Member

    hmm. This is very interesting to me. I've only ever made hash the "ghetto way" using cellofane, newsprint, and an oven :P

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