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Black Gold Or Fox Farms Ocean Forest????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by ericcox134, Sep 17, 2008.


    ericcox134 Active Member

    I have done a few grows now with half the plants in Black Gold Soil, the other half in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. I must say that the plants seem to respond better to the Black Gold Soil. (Even though that the Ocean Soil looks better to the eye and feels better to the hand). Black Gold Wins for me.
    What r your thoughts Black Gold Or Fox Farms Ocean???

    EyezofSnake Well-Known Member

    ocean forest cut with some light warrior or perlite.

    I think straight ocean forest gets too compact and is not aerated enough. This tends to show up mid-late flowering if you are not careful.

    closetexplosion Well-Known Member

    I thought the same thing, I have straight OF in 3" pots for starting, but going to mix about 30% perlite to the final pot, i notice it compacted too when wet.

    s0high Well-Known Member

    OF is a hotter soil than Black Gold. So I would say startem in Black Gold and then transplant into OF. They are both awesome soil tho.

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