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Black Domina X OG freebie

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by TriPurple, Jan 23, 2013.


    TriPurple Well-Known Member

    Does the OG by itself mean Kush? Has anybody had the chance to run their freebie from SOS?

    calicat Well-Known Member

    It seems like recently anything that has og attached to it is a label of potential bombness so it would be easier to market. Depends who you ask but me og still means ocean grown.

    silverhazefiend Well-Known Member

    That's funny I just posted about this same cross in the rp kandy kush thread ..mine Hermied late week 11 + ..taste and smells like mangos ..strong high ..all the lower branches got super frosty and grow like buds ..the top half of the main cola looks like it wants to foxtail..while the bottom stayed Normal ...

    All in all ..it's decent smoke ..ok flavor and decent high ..but I wouldn't run it again ..stayed short ..I got about 32-35 grams in a 2 gallon ..vegged 4 weeks from seed ..

    And btw ...this doesn't look like any black domina ..I've seen ..and there Damn sure aint no kush in it ..

    After researching ..I found that "Spanish seeds" is a female cannabis producer that wholesales ..and they sell this cross by the hundred of seeds if u want ..the also had black domina crossed with 5-6 other strains all fem..all wholesale #s and smaller 50 seed packs ..

    TriPurple Well-Known Member

    I agree that the term originates from "Ocean Grown" & it is used to describe several top notch strains. I wasn't sure what it meant when they used it by itself like with... BD x OG. What does og mean when not with a particular strain? Or did sos leave that part off when giving those out? :peace:

    rickcg76 Member

    I have one starting 4th week of flowering today. I used to think that OG meant Original Gangster, but now that you mention Ocean Grown term, I google it and you are right it does stand for Ocean Grown

    calicat Well-Known Member

    I believe sos people hang out here too could not tell you the particular thread though. They would be the ones to ask that one. Best of luck with your search.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    I got one vegging with Blueberry X Widow.

    Their from spannish seedcompany

    Black Domina x Og Kush of bank Spanish Seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds. Here you have Spanish Seeds, a bank that serves 57 different strains marijuana seeds, including more than half a dozen of autoflowering marijuana seeds, with crosses of great fathers as Northern Lights, White Widow and Jack Herer. All in packs of 50 feminized marijuana seeds, at exceptional prices!

    TriPurple Well-Known Member

    Thanks Canna, Let us know how she turns out.

    Reallz New Member

    Just wanted to check an update on the black domina x OG. I to have those freebies and was wondering. mine are just sprouting up.
    * sorry about bringing an old thread back

    thisSmilingBandit Member

    Just cloned my Black Domina X OG Kush. I am growing it next to Barney's Blue Cheese. Compared to the cheese, it is squatter and wider, looks good so far. Here is a pic of the clones. The Barney's are the four in the middle, Dominas are the two way in the front and the two way in the back. I gave the Barney's the center because they get more spray there, and it is the seed I actually ordered, Domina is the freebie.[​IMG] [​IMG]

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