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BioWave *GUARANTEED 20% Yield Increase* -- 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by PuffPuffPassed, Jul 21, 2011.


    PuffPuffPassed Active Member

    Supposedly this unit will increase yield up to 20% for an entire acre!
    If confined to a room, it will only work within the room from what I understand.

    The company offers a full 90 day 100% money back guarantee on the product.


    dopeyG Well-Known Member

    how? is this really real??? how the hell can that even work?

    333maxwell Active Member

    It's a 2500 dollar blender (for the smallest one)..

    These people also make Solarra-Body http://www.solarra-body.com/scienceinfo.htm

    Solar powered jewelry that supposedly emits alpha-waves that will enhance your own life.. *L*

    It's a new take on the 'mood ring' ?

    PuffPuffPassed Active Member

    @dopey - My thoughts exactly! One of the local hydro store owners shared the link with me earlier today..

    PuffPuffPassed Active Member

    bump for someone to buy this and tell me how it works out haha

    tryingtogrow89 Well-Known Member


    Dubdeuce Well-Known Member

    We will be grabbing one soon enough. 90-day money back guarantee. Fuck it.

    mc260377 Active Member

    wtf??? How on earth can something like that cover 1 acre? Or even work at all? hmmmmmmz :shock:

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    it seems like its the same concept a playing music for your plants

    Dubdeuce Well-Known Member

    The waveforms that it is creating are very low frequency, which mean they take an extremely long time to even complete one cycle in terms of frequencies, thus it covers more ground as well. Take the speed of sound, divided by the frequency's hertz and you will get the distance it takes for that frequency to finish one cycle. For example, It takes a subsonic frequency in the 80hz range 15 feet to complete one cycle (standard subwoofers have a response of 20-200hz). A 2hz frequency would take 262 feet to complete one cycle. An acre is roughly 208 feet by 208 feet. So that means if you place your Biowave in the middle of your acre, employ a little high school math utilizing the Pythagorean theorem to determine the furthest point to any corner is 104squared, + 52squared = 13,520. The square root of 13,520 is 116 feet roughly. So we only have to be able to project this frequency 116 feet which means completing only one half of a cycle to cover the necessary distance, which isn't much at all.

    And yes, it is similar to playing music with your plants. I almost guarantee based off these findings that using a decent sound system will give you *some* of the results, but not to this degree. A sub woofer does produce some subsonic frequencies. The frequencies that they are producing with the biowave are lower.

    Dubdeuce Well-Known Member

    Although I'm sure this study could have been performed a little better, here is what they have out there for side by side. This was compiled by Dr. Lynette Morgan. She holds a PhD in New Zealand and is the Scientific director for Suntec International Hydroponic Consultants. Her results indicate not only faster more vigorous vegetation, but faster harvest time, and increased yield.


    TheNameless Well-Known Member

    Dang that looks pretty legit actually.. I am definitely intrigued..

    BigBuddahCheese New Member

    Umm yes.. why wouldn't a Hydro store owner pass a link making drastic claims. He knows that if enough people "believe" if its true or not, will boost sales for them and him. There is a plethora of growers who ride these waves, only to get let down and jump on the next one. It's like clock work these claims, products and methods that squeak out of the woodwork.

    I use a minimal of products that have no claims, hype yet my buds taste better, hit stronger then anything we have see at any dispensary, farmers market or kind bud. Sad but people need to realize that 99% of these claims, companies are really only here to do one thing make money for THEM, not better bud for YOU. That's not to say some products don't do what they claim, or perform well, I am just saying take everything here or in cannabis world in general with a grain of salt. I mean what better audience to scam, simple naive stoners that go off on wild tangent swings more then anyone.

    alotapot Active Member

    I understand that there is SOME science to sound/music has positive effect on pot plants... but I think I'd play them some Metallica rather than spend thousands of dollars on a spinning gadget...


    rosecitypapa Active Member

    I can't tell if the two geometric spaceframes are spinning in the same direction or opposite of each other.

    In searching on "rotating geometric forms plant growth," three interesting intersections - cropcircles, the patent on the biowave, and cosmic math.

    To understand more of the technology, knowledge can be gleaned from information encoded in crop circles:


    From the patent:

    Developmental changes in response to mechano-stimulation are collectively known as thigmomorphogenesis."
    Read more:

    Cosmic Math:


    I'm gonna make one, just for kicks. B)

    Dubdeuce Well-Known Member

    The metal cages spin opposite directions. I saw the owner explaining it on an interview.

    Dubdeuce Well-Known Member

    I appreciate your skepticism as it serves a purpose of thoroughly researching and testing a product before backing it, or agreeing with the substantial claims. However, you allude to the fact that this product doesn't work without actually saying it, but have you tried it?

    donutpunched Active Member

    How can you prove you would have a 20 percent increase of anything? What do you tell them? I grew some OG and this time and i got the same weight? All they have to say is you didn't veg long enough, you didn't feed enough, the plant didn't have as many branches.... Now if it could change the size of my penis, and say I show them it is still 4 inchs long then they would probably have to give me a refund.....

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