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BioDeisel Mass Auto

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by L33tGanjaMan, Feb 22, 2013.

    redeye jedi88

    redeye jedi88 Active Member

    16/8 light schedule was that a typo error never heard of any1 doing that

    LockedOutOfHeaven Well-Known Member

    Some people have heat issues keeping the lights on 18/6 with the sun heating house too much. 16/8 is better than 12/12 when it comes to autos.
    redeye jedi88

    redeye jedi88 Active Member

    i have never heard of that b4 if heat is an issue get a bigger extraction fan and cool tube

    LockedOutOfHeaven Well-Known Member

    I agree but not everyone can afford systems like that!

    L33tGanjaMan Well-Known Member

    Hey Guyz i just realised there was replies on here wooops, lol

    Anywho the 16/8 Lighting Schedule was not a typo and also it was not because of any heat issues either, i simply chose that cycle after the first few weeks on 24/24 maily because i have noticed most growers get best results around 18/6 schedules for Autos so i wanted to tweak that a little and also save a little on Electric.

    Worked well for me :weed:

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