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Discussion in 'Organics' started by wald095, Mar 14, 2013.


    wald095 Member

    I have officially decided to make the transition to organic for this coming outdoor grow!:blsmoke: I have a question does the Biobizz line generate great results,or can i buy something better for around the same price? Thanks in advance

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Yes Biobizz is pretty decent, It was the best untill a few years ago they changed their NPK on the range.

    I recently changed to Oltimers Original organic and guanokalong bloom (hopeing to get their palm tree hash). The Oltimers one is designed by britsh grower-breeder Oltimer1 or his OG and uk420 handle OT1

    With biobizz I found it better to use the fish over their grow, plus i think their addatives are a waste of time. As in I never see any change when running with it (Top max)

    I aint sure where you are from but if you can get it look at Plant magic Oldtimers Original as much better NPK and far better flavour in finished product...

    That siad I still use Biobizz bloom between week 1-3 flower as it is higher in P

    Oldtimers Organic Grow 5-3-3
    Oldtimers Organic Bloom 3-5-4

    Biobizz fish 6-2-4
    Biobizz Grow 8-2-6
    Biobizz Bloom 2-6-3.5

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Older NPK was
    Biobizz grow 4-3-6
    Biobizz fish 6-3-4

    Cant remember bloom.... I try and find out

    wald095 Member

    I live in California , i will definitely be looking into that line. Thanks a lot for your input.

    shrigpiece Well-Known Member

    I to have replaced the bio bloom and bio grow for plant magic. There soil is ace! Although i used biobizz for years with great results.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    exactly its not a bad fert but PM is better, I did read on another forum where PM reside they were working on a organic PK booster as alot ask ,
    I ad it i dunno why I just have it in my head the yields are better and flavour is more full with bat guano boosters.

    I would like to mention Biobizz is true organic and so is Plant magic. Alot of the "Bio organics" is fake as EU alows for extracted minerals that UK and OMRI will not.

    Im still waiting on a reply from Atami on certificates for their ATA organics range, but they wont reply as OT1 the designer of PM Oltimers line asked them around 2006-7 and got same as everyone else. same with Plagron, I aint seen any certificates for organics. Not one of the bottles...

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    OK I got a reply from a company about greenfuse today.

    Here is my original Email


    So i guess my reason for mentioning this isto warn people be wary when buying "Bio organic"

    wald095 Member

    I had no luck in finding a place where i can get Oldtimers organic grow or bloom so looks like i will be using Biobizz. Which is fine with me because we can know for sure it is organic and that is what counts.

    wald095 Member

    Yea i don't think i will feel comfortable using their products after that answer!

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