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Biobizz "TOPMAX" to use or not to use?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by iloveit, Jun 21, 2009.


    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Ive just read a thread from UK420 on the topic of "Biobizz TOPMAX". All members who commented hate it & say it has very little benefit.

    biobizz topmax usage - UK420

    Whats you experience on TOPMAX been like?

    imanoob Well-Known Member

    Damn it, i purchased a botting of Topmaxx and Big Bud. I have read great things about Big bud...but found NOTHING on Biobizz. It kinda looks like watered down molasses (Which i also have)...so i might be wasting my time also.
    i think on the bottle is has something like 0.1-0.1-0.2 (i will check...i remember it being very low)

    anybody with some inside info?

    imanoob Well-Known Member

    Nobody else use this or has any comments on how good/bad it is?
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    nice to know. I have shyed away from using bio bizz as I was starting to beleive that their whole line was prob required like a hydro set to keep the plants healthy.

    I have switched to sub cools "supre soil" with the addition of kelp and wow the growth is awesome. My formerly struggling plants are awesome!

    However I need a liquid fert to lightly veg before I let em rip. I have the bio bizz but thoght it was a company thing.

    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    If it is just molasses it will be to feed the bacteria in the soil some extra food other than what the plant can give and the npk.

    A nice compost tea would rock there. There is also adding molasses to the flush and I here that rocks so much that I will do that too, today in fact.

    Mj is the only plant I have studied that this applies to. So with more than half the growers saying yes I am assuming it cant hurt. :)

    although flora kleen or clearex products interest me more.
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    try a super soil. you will be surprised at the growth, it is perfect and I am a first timer.

    imanoob Well-Known Member

    hmmm...just read the post regarding the super soil haha. currently using canna pro plus...but might try making this uber soil next time. dont have a lot of room here...but im sure i could find it!

    back to topmax...anybody?

    i feel like i purchased a red herring
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    I was of the opinion that all that shit was designed to be used together anyway, however much they could do it without it beyond absolute.
    If you got it then use it, according to their feeding chart. you got that right? google bio bizz feed chart.
    All their stuff is molasses I think lol. refined tho. what does it say is in the bottle?

    imanoob Well-Known Member

    nice one...downloading the chart just now (i should have realised they had one). I downloaded almost all 47ish episodes of advanced nutes from youtube and been enjoying them. Even tho they are like mini commercials for their products, they guy knows his stuff and the videos hold small nuggest of golden info for new folk like me.

    I find that guy to be the most professional out of all the videos i have watched...check em out man.


    I will take a few pics of the topmaxx bottle for anybody that wants them.

    Might be a good idea to start up a post with everybodys nutes and what the have in them (maybe price etc too) I would like to know what most people on the RIU forum use and think is a must!

    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Heres another question:
    When in the flowering stage is it essential to use all 3 nutes (grow, bloom & topmax)? What do you guys do just use bloom?

    unknownuk420 Well-Known Member

    Hi i use bio grow during veg then when first pistils show i use grow and bloom together until buds start to form then just bloom up until 2 weeks before harvest.i also use mollasses from the start of flowering until 1week before harvest.i havnt used topmax.:peace:

    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate Ill try that.

    Bobby9 Well-Known Member

    Remember there is also BioBizz Heaven which is about £25 per litre, along with Topmax and Bloom. I am of the opinion that these three used to be one and as with most nute companies they have realised the more products you convince people they need the more money you make, SIMPLES, so split your flowering nutrient into three separate stages and your quids in, smells fishy to me....................or is that the BioBizz Fish Mix..........................or the BioBizz AL-GA-MIC..................or maybe its the BioBizz Leaf Coat hmmmmmm!!??
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    I started with the bio bizz looking for the best omri. I just put together a blood, bone, kelp, and guano mix with some greensand and azomite and perlie in ffof and organicate aearation mix and I know this is wordy and beside the point but when I asked these wuestions about bio bizz and was so noob I have to laugh this dude was mentioning "super soil" and now I got mine and it ROCKS! Even organic I had some yellow tips, here I got the best green growth ever. It is awesome.

    I have read mountains on the soil food web and all the internet and organic sites and just loading up ogn whatever the plant want swhen it wants is paying off. Gotta be careful but it is looking like I got a good mix.

    anyway. You may be right about bio bizz, it is a murky water ro decipher their history, I wonder about soil alternatives just as often.

    they go their basic grow and bloom. then they probably got their humic acid stimuants and bacteria and myco boosts and they got their carb burst for the bacteria. Seems fair but pricey. SPT and bio grow and bloom prob do some good. I bet if you throw in a cup ful fo good compost tea to your nutes you would cover all your bases. :)
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    yeah, bio grow and bio bloom plus spt. super plant tonic=cheap.

    then brew up a compost tea with wormcasts. next to that mix your nutes. then throw in a cup a gallon of compost tea to your nutes every week or other. :)

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