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Bio-Bizz feeding chart?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by sambo020482, Feb 5, 2010.


    sambo020482 Well-Known Member


    ive been growing in soil and using only bio-bizz nutes for a couple of grows and was recommending them by a friend who was used them for 10+ grows.

    my question is about the feeding chart, i have always stuck to the chart and so has ever1 i no whos used/using it, this time tho basically since i started using this site and doing lots of research i have been using on my bigger plants 4ml per litre instead of 1ml thats quite alot more than the charts 1ml per litre???

    is this advisable with the bloom nutes aswel? like topmax n bloom?

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    well ive been giving my plants 3-4mls per ltr instead of 1ml of bio-bizz grow and the plants seem to really do well im gonna test it half n half with the bloom and will start slow.

    DaveCoulier Well-Known Member

    I haven't used the Bloom, since I was pretty disappointed with the Bio-Grow. Even at 5ml/l, the Grow wasn't enough to sustain my plants in veg.

    Their feeding chart is really designed around their soils. If you have rich soil, use the lesser amounts. If you have nutrient poor soil, go for the 5ml. I obviously have the nutrient poor soil :)

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Good Man! You answered your own question.;-)

    Much better to listen to your plant than a chart.:leaf:


    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    yeah i got a little impatient waitin for an answer lol

    Stoneshield Active Member

    i coulda swore that even the bottle had said 5ml per gal every watering. i used to use bio grow untill i switched to roots organics. good stuff as far as im concerned (the bio grow), the whole line of products for that fact

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    well so far ive given all 9 of my DP blueberry clones more bio-bizz nutes than the chart says and all have responded very well im 3wks into flower and giving them 2ml grow,5ml bloom,5ml topmax, per ltr and everything is looking very healthy and good.

    brassneck Active Member

    i got a bit confused , i have usin bio bizz nutes .
    i had a chart and instructions on bottle ,then i came across a new bio bizz chart with completely different instructions
    i used veg then bloom wen flowers started then added topmax afta a week
    the new chart sugests at 8weeks flower i shud be givin veg 4ml/l bloom 4ml/ltopmax 4ml/land alg a mic 4ml/l
    so im a bit lost

    ommpCaregiver Active Member

    Use the 10 week chart and adjust to how long your plants flower. and the "bio-heaven" is the key to their line, tons of carbs and sugar, gets plants to grow fast.

    I now use the entire bio-bizz line, soil (all-mix) and all, and have great results. I used to use other soils and always had a hard time "dialing" it in. Ocean forest doesn't need to be fed very much. and "the white bag"(harvest moon organics I think...) and Roots soil need to be fed a bit heavier than the charts.

    Also how often you water and size of plants matter also, so make adjustments to chart accordingly. If your plants are rootbound and need water every day then do one day a week of just plain water (and enough to let 25% run through) will help against salt buildup.

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    i agree that the heaven is the key to the line of nutes, im watching a current blueberry grow and only 2 were given heaven and they are by far the best looking buds.

    Bowe3brappp Member

    Hi all, I know this thread is old just thought i would give my help here you go! Bio Bizz Feed!.jpg good thread btw :-) ​Veg For 4 Weeks. Ph`ed water only for 3 weeks, Start week 3, 0.5 Ml grow.

    Lights on 24 hours from seed for 2 weeks.

    Then switch to 18/6 for two weeks.

    week 4 of veg switch to 12/12.

    week 1 of flowring start grow and bloom watering every other day,
    Alongside bio heaven Topmax every day.

    Follow My updated chart from there and you should have great results.

    And dont forget to flush with Ph`ed water two weeks before you harvest helps even with organic!

    ommpCaregiver Active Member

    After branching out and trying a few other companies nutrient lines, IMO I cannot recommend biobizz. If you want to go fully organic, use a hot soil like subcool's, and maybe supplement with compost tea.

    I remember always having a problem with their nutes..

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