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Big news for Texas legalization!

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by StonedAgeTimeTraveler, May 9, 2015.


    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    Texans elect the biggest dirtballs in the country like Bush or Cruz..no chance they legalize.
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    throwdo Well-Known Member

    It will legalize soon it will fallow soot just need a few more states to legalize medical

    Craig1969SS Well-Known Member

    At some point $ will find itself in the equation and that will be the tipping point. That tax base addition is far to big to ignore so maybe the millennials with political aspirations can weave this into a form of understanding that becomes acceptable. The crusty old bastards and wenches that are at the wheel wont live forever

    Federson Active Member

    I don't think money will play as much of a factor in Texas as it does in other states. Texas currently has a "rainy day fund" of over 18 billion dollars. That's all the "excess revenue" that is being saved in case the economy does poorly for some reason. Texas legislators don't give a fuck if weed is legalized because a large portion of the money made is just going to go into that "rainy day fund" that won't be accessible until the economy tanks.
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Interestingly, Texas is one of the few states which is far enough South to be able to grow decent Cannabis. It's Mexico, for all intents and purposes, climate-wise. Only Florida could rival it and it's probably too wet there. Texas would be much better than California, which is not on or below the 30th parallel.
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    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Don't hold your breath. Instead use your time and money to go to Colorado. Or die in OK waiting for TX or OK to do anything sensible.

    Cannis Active Member

    When money and politicians are in the same circle, you will have action. Greed drives change in Government.
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    Craig1969SS Well-Known Member

    If you can overcome the scorching heat and rainless weeks on end then yes. When I've grown outside, especially now in July & August, the plants stressed despite attentive care. Yes they grew larger than anything indoor but miss a day or two and you're behind the 8 ball trying to recover drooping plants in cloudless 98 degree heat with suffering humidity. A commercial grow with full timers could make it happen but in SE Texas a part timer has a tough row to hoe.
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Oh, I didn't know it was humid. Must be from the Gulf I guess. Humid is bad for potency, and of course 98 degree heat above optimal. In Lebanon the weed grown on the inland side of the mountains is usable for hash but on the ocean side it's not. The only difference is the humidity.

    Federson Active Member

    Heat has little to do with the quality of bud. The best bud is grown in high UV spots, generally at higher elevations have higher UV, as do locations closer to the equator. If you guys want great bud grow it on a low humidity mountain near the equater.

    Map toward the bottom of that page. Note weather can play a role on those maps and Colorado is usually the best spot for high UV (there's currently a storm over Colorado)
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    There are some mountainous regions in NW Texas, some close to mile high, but they're in the middle of nowhere and no water sources. They're right around 30 lat though, so just about right with that.

    austinlegal New Member

    There is progress in Texas but you can really get screwed by possessing marijuana derivatives like edibles. The total weight of, say, brownies would count towards the weight of the seized illicit substance, which is already an unreasonable thing to do. It gets even worse though since hash oil or extracted THC is not treated as marijuana but as another controlled substance. It's considered an illegal substance of "penalty group 2" in Texas which is the second most serious category and will result in a felony for even the smallest weight range. See this article. It's a really impractical thing to try and outlaw.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Don't mean to insult your state but Texas isn't known as the most progressive state around. That sounds rough though. A pan of brownies would be about a kilo, and it probably only has a few grams of oil in it. I wonder what their big gripe with edibles is. Must want people to screw their lungs up. Maybe it's because it's a lot easier to take too much and then you get people showing up at emergency rooms when there isn't a damn thing they can do. Just gotta ride it out.

    All edibles ever did to me was make me on the catatonic side. I'd just lay there motionless in basically a trance state for about an hour until it tailed off. I would just take a big blob of oil and mix it in a lightly heated spoon with vegetable oil and drink it. Kind of the weed equivalent to taking shots I guess. Try an oil shot sometime, just make sure you don't have to do anything for a while afterwards.
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Austin will legalise very soon
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    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member

    Better with coconut oil. I have a shot of oil every morning, straight outta the fresh coconut oil "bottle"

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    The oil would have to be decarbed of course.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    In order to what?

    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member

    Yeah decarb the material before you infuse it into the oil

    tripleD Well-Known Member

    Texas will be one of the last hold outs because:
    1) Texas is very BAPTIST (conservative)
    2) Texas is also one of the few states that has a surplus of $$$, which makes it tougher to say "Hey, look at all the money that your state can generate to help pay for infrastructure etc etc..", because we have BILLIONS of $$$ in surplus so that argument won't really work here:(
    3) Texas has it's own electric grid...
    4) Texas is the ONLY state in the union that can fly it's flag at the same height as the Federal flag...
    5) Texas doesn't rely on federal grant money to pay its bills...
    This simply means that Texas does not care one way or the other what stance the Federal gov't takes regarding weed...
    So while it's true that some States will climb on board now that they don't have to worry so much about the fed's, this has NEVER been the reason why Texas did not allow it and so it will not be a reason now for them to start allowing it!
    In other words..... I'm screwed:wall:
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I feel individual cities will work something out of nothing else.
    I mean don't they do something similar with prostitution in nevada. I think it's just 2 counties or cities.

    My beloved Austin WILL come out on top!

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