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Big Buddha Blue Cheese

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by MrBaker, Sep 16, 2009.


    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    Strain: Big Buddha Blue Cheese (Fem single)

    Growth: Very branchy "christmas tree" structure with many leaves. The leaves have non-over-lapping leaflets.
    - 3 clones of the one original mom were vegged until ~14 inches high (concurrently the plants were mature as far as leaflets number and phyllotaxy.) They were put in flowering for 8-9 weeks. No more time was needed.

    Nutes: Veg = MG's Organic 8-0-0 (made from sugar beat molasses), more molasses, EWC, tap water, the liquid dechlorinator from the pet store.
    Flower = 2-4-1 fish emulsion for early flowering, Alaska MoarBloom 0-10-10 for the rest. Tap water with EWC, the dechlor, and the molasses also.

    It should be noted that a version of the "3 little birds" mix as a growing medium. It can be posted if enough people are curious enough (aka 1 person asks).

    Yield: ~21 grams per plant, and CFLS were used. It is suspect yield can go up if A. more CFLS are used. B. HID lights are used. C. the sunlight it used.

    Bag Appeal: Good lookin', but not the most insane thing. It's green, healthy lookin', and trichs can be seen. Pics will be posted later this week.

    Smell: It actually smells like blueberry muffins when it's flowering, and has undertones of blueberry when it's cured. Break open some nugs by hand and not only get sticky hands, but inhale the nice sweet fragrance that escapes. The overtones are more of a mild neo-skunk. None of the musky cheese odor has been detected yet. The blueberry undertones being sort of sweet and musky goes well with skunk-lite smell.

    Taste: Tastes like good, clean, smooth smoke. Not too overpowering/expansive, so it may trick you into smoking more when you really don't need anymore. It should be noted the stash being reviewed has been in jars for ~3 weeks after a solid dry got 6-7 days, and then a brown bagging for another 3-4 days....so that's 30 days of drying/curing. I suspect aroma and taste may change a bit after another month jar'd.

    The High: Smoke a little, you won't be so angry or sad (not all pot doesn't help me not be angry.) Smoke a joint with friends and everyone will be happy and probably hungry. Smoke some more and you're not gettin' out of that chair/couch unless to bathroom/food/drink. Smoke more and you're out cold; sweet dreams.

    I would say it's a great "working-pot" because it's easy to get caught up in all the eating, sitting, laughing, and sleeping.

    Comments: It was pretty easy to grow. It roots and clones well. It is easy to over-water. Stretch was minimal, but I'm not sure if that was because they were transplanted right before flowering. I'm goin' to keep runnin' a clone factory on this strain. I like what it does, how it smells, and how it grows. It is leafy so it's sort of a pain in the butt to trim. The trimming comment is the only negative.

    chad851 Well-Known Member

    you got a picture

    quietgardener Active Member

    What was the final height at the end of flower? I have space limitations of around 24" max plant hight.

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    I promise everyone I will post pictures by Saturday. I'm doin' grad school app. stuff then gettin' stoned all today and tomorrow. Maybe I'll get adventurous and find my pos camera before then.

    As far as the final height, off the top of my head I want to say ~ 3' including the plastic black pot.

    As far as having 2 foot maximum, I think it could be done if you had the same/similar pheno. If you topped/trained it could definitely be done. The pheno that I've been propagating doesn't exactly reach for the sky at any part of it's life.

    nuera59 Well-Known Member

    just ordered, this is loved skunk in the uk.
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    cappeeler09 Active Member

    this is my first time growing and im growin 10 blue cheese in a 1.2 by 1.o metre square tent with a 600w in 16 litre pots (auto pots) im growin it on coco with the canna nutrients...do u have any idea how many oz a plant i could get?


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    cappeeler09 Active Member

    u got 21 grams a plant with cfls,decent stuff man......this is my 1st grow and im doing blue cheese in a 1.2x1.0x2.0 metre square tent with a 600w feeding them on coco and the canna nutrients in auto pots with 16 litre pots,take a look........do u think i will get more than an oz a plant.....these pics are into the 44th day of 12/12 theyve got 26 days left.......the last 2 weeks before flush i'm gonna be adding advanced nutrient overdrive

    tell me what yall think


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    iluvweed32 Member

    how many cfl watts did you use to get 21 grams??

    DMG3528 Well-Known Member

    This is the greatest strain around. IMHO.
    I specialize in BBBC.
    I have clients that call it CRACK.
    I dont care how much I smoke. Bowl 15 gets u as high as Bowl 1.
    Favorite smoke of all I have smoked.
    My .002
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    llop1103 Active Member

    Im growing some BBBC now got 4 plants going my grow journal is in my thread. Quick question about them how much do they stretch the first month of flowering? Mine have not been growing that much and im hoping to get a good yeild off these but if there not going to strecth i dont know how much ima get. I have 4 plants i did a little tying down of the plants and there about 15 inches tall 2 weeks into flower im using a 400 watt hps. Any idea of the yeild i might get?

    red662 Member

    there some lovely pics im startin a new one 3 week old big budda chedder, 600 watt cool tube light loads of fresh air n proper feedin sched, ill update with pics once i get the chance there asleep at the mo lol, has any of you just started staright from 12 12 all through veg n flower? i dont mean auto growers i just mean startin the vewg with 12 12 and just leavin it for the whole grow just someone in a dif tread did it and it seemed to turn out grand, any one?

    axl Well-Known Member

    I just popped my BB BC seeds a couple days ago. Nice to hear the positive reports. I am fairly new to this. Im a caregiver, and for the past year or so I have been growin lots of different strains to find some great moms. I only bought 1 fem seed though , so hope i get lucky
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    red662 Member

    they r very slow growers towards my cheese which iv had to pot in 10 ltrs pots already i havent with th bb yet cause its not big enuff, it took the longest to germ too im just gonna veg it till im happy with the cheese n hope she gives me somethin nice in return

    RIXUK Active Member

    I got 2 blue cheese 3 week in to bloom 1 in 90litre bucket and another in a 10litre bucket,hydro airstones,the 90 litre is huge.
    it does have a berry/blueberry smell but id say it has the musky cheesey undertone,its a sickly smell..

    Mine have not stretched at all nearly in bloom,but I did veg for a good 6 week,done loads of bending and have a good 6 main colas on each plant,I would say these are going to be big yielders especially the one in the 90litre bucket...

    Its easy to grow,handles stress very well,likes nutes and doesnt suffer much deficiences easy..
    I woud recommend bending main stem top and cola arms,they will get thick very quick..

    I do have a few touching leaves which show wet at lights on,but I guess thats due to tight nodes and branching,I tend to de leaf quite alot as it does get bushy.

    Bending/breaking cola arms heps make it grow out and up,takes it in its stride,I cant wait for this to be done.

    You need you carbon filter on,no doubt about that,I have mine next to ghs exodus fake ass sheese and the smell of the blue bows them away as well a the skunk1 I have, 2 blue cheese vs 3 ghs exodus fake and skunk#1 and the blue pongs them all out,its a stinker and notice able from seedlings.

    pacfanx Active Member

    i just started mine, i was wondering how it turned out for you. was there big variations in phenos? a special one? i am a licenced grower for 2 patients and one asked me about this strian so i picked up 5 femd seeds...

    jwizzle22 Active Member

    images.jpeg Just got in my blue cheese auto got a 400 w hps upgrading to a 1000 w hid for veg in about 2 weeks... i just want to no how long did you guys leave it in veg for anf what light cycle did you use... what mediums..and do they grow like this or if not whats the trick images-1.jpeg

    weednurd420 Well-Known Member

    this is a big buddha blue cheeses auto under ds 200w led at week 4 of flower looks good huh, i put the 200 w in space to small for the light and thats what it did i also am keeping the light closer to the plant then ds says to keep it im 16 in away instead on 20.... nice plant by the way, I got to shut down a cop moved under me

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    Mr.Beanz Member

    Here is some macro close up pics of mine.....seriously crystalized :P:P:P ResinContent.jpg ResinContent1.jpg ResinContent2.jpg
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    petedav Well-Known Member


    Mr.Beanz Member

    I can confirm 100% that mine is smelling and tasting of blueberries and cheese very strong now its dried.
    Must of been lucky glad cuts were taken :weed:
    Last edited: May 17, 2015

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