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Big Bud X Northern Lights or Barney's Farm LSD

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by john84, Aug 2, 2009.


    john84 Active Member

    Hey guys, first time grower looking for advice. Me and two friends are gonna start growing in about 3 weeks when we get back to school, already have everything figured out (lights, soil, water, nutes, etc.) except we cannot decide on a strain.
    We're looking for a strain that will be extremely high yielding, which is why I looked at a Big Bud cross. Additionally, the resistance to mold and disease were an added bonus. However, I found the Barneys Farm LSD and it claims 600 gr/m^2 in ideal conditions while the BBXNL claims 500-600 gr/m^2. Now I know that these numbers vary from grower to grower, so I'm looking for some help.
    1. Which strain is more potent? (Higher THC Content)
    2. Which strain would yield more weight per area?
    3. Which strain would be better for first time growers?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys.



    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    May I recommend Barneys Red Dragon? If not, probaly the BBXNL. I think any hybrid with NL is pretty easy to grow with respectable yields.

    john84 Active Member

    Thanks for the advice, probably not gonna go with the Red Dragon because I can't find it feminized on Attitude. Anyone else?

    Cyproz Well-Known Member

    i have a red dragon femmed going right now, just started. Kind of a slow start but its taking off now that it has a foot hold.

    heres the femmed red dragon on attitude where i ordered it. they also have pick and mix femmed of it.


    MostlyCrazy New Member

    I''m on my second grow with LSD. First grow was fem seeds and the second were clones (easy to clone). Don't have any experience with BB/NL cross. The LSD has a happy high at first and then about a hour later the power shows up and you need to sit down for awhile. As they say very trippy. From a grower's standpoint, it's a very easy plant to grow and very forgiving for a first time grower. It can take max nutes and ph swings in stride. Had 2 plants and got 6.7 oz dry from a hydro system. When they talk about yeild they are talking either one plant outside or many plants per square meter. 4 weeks veg and 8 weeks flower. Sweet bud, very earthy and nutty with a bit of a sour finish. Coke can colas cover the top of the plant, the resin level is high and it's a fun smoke for all.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Yeah i would commend the lsd..The description sells it..

    john84 Active Member

    Thanks man, alot of good advice in there. Your 4/8 week schedule was exactly what i was planning, 4 weeks vegging under a 600 Watt MH and then ~8 weeks flowering under a 600 Watt HPS with 10 or so 23 W 2700K CFL's for additional lighting on the bottom/sides.

    MostlyCrazy New Member

    You should get a bumper crop of whatever you produce. I look at the veg height ( 4' total max for my set up taking into account my res height and light distance), buzz type and growing ease. I started with bag seed to practice until I got good. I use side lights also. Good luck whichever one you decide to grow.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Barneys farms LSD is the best selling seeds at attitude, I've heard so many great things about it. If you looking for a killer high its the one to get, I'm gonna get a couple seeds of it for my next grow.


    EL KUSH Member

    sounds killa

    MostlyCrazy New Member

    On the pipe right now and I vote Yes! Gotta think about that second hit for awhile! LOL!

    Madboy Active Member

    I got some LSD just about to finish, 2nd grow like crazy, 1st from seed, 2nd from clone, man its heavy :)
    in a good way, again no experience with the other strain, but dude, seriously, I have never been disappointed with anything I grew myself,
    nothing much to add to the already good description apart from I got 2 phenos and one was toight and the other wasn't so, if you lookee at my pics you will see the difference, just so you can plan your cloneing :)

    smoking one now and........ yeah later :)

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