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Big Bud Aeroponics Scrog

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by msdsm39, Mar 10, 2008.


    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    So we found our mother and now we are ready to start the first real grow to harvest. The plan is to take 6 cuttings and scrog them. The cuttings were just made yesterday so you could say this is day one. Here is the setup:

    Sun Hut XL tent (55 x 55 x 83 inches)
    Hortilux Super HPS 400W (55K lumens)
    General Hydroponics Rainforest 66 (17 gal reservoir, 6 - 6 inch grow cups)
    General Hydro FloraNova Nutrients, Floralicious Plus, Liquid Kool Bloom
    CO2 Enrichment

    Nutrient Plan:
    Seedlings - 6CF = 420PPM
    Cuttings - 10CF = 700PPM
    Vegetative - 14CF = 980PPM
    Flowering - 20CF = 1400PPM

    VanIsle420 Well-Known Member

    Sounds dope, Keep us posted (PICS)

    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    So we took several cuttings from our plants to be sure to have plenty of stock no matter which of our three plants turned out to be girls. So here are the root stock. The first cuttings from the mother... we named her Lilith. They are vegging under 400W MH in a General Hydro Rainforest 36. The seeds for Miss Lilith came from Sensi Seeds.

    All comments and question are welcome.

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    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    Here are the clones for the scrog. The mothers are the first cuttings from the mother in the flower chamber.

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    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    So here we have 11 cuttings of the big bud in the clone box and 4 white rhino under the floros.

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    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Shit update this joint! I want to know how Big Bud did in a ScrOG.

    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    check out the link in my signature. I think I changed threads :)


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