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Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by kushgro, Nov 14, 2013.


    kushgro Active Member

    I have good pop corn nugs to make some extracts. I need the cheapest route to make it worth my while since I only have about an ounce of trim/pop corn nugs. I was thinking BHO, but can I let BHO evaporate? Or should I try another method. I want to keep it as cheap as possible...but I want to get good quality extracts...wax, oil, shatter, etc.
    diet coke

    diet coke Active Member

    yes, bho is easy. I make it then mix it with a little bud and roll it up :)

    MFB Active Member

    Not sure if this is considered an extract, but this is what I do with little nugs and sugar leaves:


    Makes a pretty potent tincture.

    midnitetoak Active Member

    I've been making BHO and QWISO extractions with success for the past month or so. Try an alcohol extraction first then if you like that try making BHO. If doing it on the cheap & easy is your aim qwiso is the way to start IMO. Just get some 99% ISO & freeze it for a few days along with your lightly broken up popcorn; then soak for 20 secs & run through coffee filters. Dump it all into a dish & leave to evaporate with a fan overnight. In 12 hrs or so most of the alcohol should be gone & you'll be left with dab able shatter which you can either leave as is or heat in a hot water bath & turn it to honey. You can easily do this for under $10.
    BHO needs more equipment and research to do safely but you can winterize (evaporate) with ever clear or ether & avoid vac purging process to remove the butane as I understand it (though I've never tried it yet) You will need an extraction tube, collection dish(Pyrex), and a vac pump to purge. I use a hand held brake bleeder to vac purge attached by suction cup to a jelly jar that has a hole in the cap to suck out the air. I put this first in a hot water bath then on a heating pad to keep it warm & thin. It's a lot if work but small quantities of oil can be purged in this way for personal use. When it stops bubbling it's done & then I test for sparks. You can find these online for under $30 but an electric vac pump & dessicator could run up into the hundreds. The C & E section contains a treasure trove of info on this

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    I'd go quick cold iso. Easy.safe

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Whoa whoa whoa

    No ether bro

    Ethyl-ethyl alcohol-ethanol-grain alcohol

    igothydrotoneverywhere Well-Known Member

    bho is not the cheapest by any means. you will spend 15$ for the 2 cans of good butane( or 1 can per ounce), 10$ for pyrex, 30$ for electric skillet, 1$ for razors, 1-2$ for filters and 30$ for a blow tube(~88$ for simplest first set up, you could skip the skillet and do the water bath method but its a royal pain in the ass so ~50-58$ minimum) vs. about 5$-10$ of alcohol and a dollar or two of strainers using used household cups or jars. both methods make the same quantity of oil in my experience but the bho is higher quality

    midnitetoak Active Member

    Yes listen to qwis & others here.. Don't want to push bad info (I'm still learning too) my enthusiasm to share occasionally overshadows the accuracy of the advice I dispense...Plus I was real baked

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